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10 types of chocolate that you must try not only the classics

10 types of chocolate that you must try not only the classics

From Ruby Chocolate to Modica, from Dark and Raw: That’s why it’s important to learn how to distinguish the different types of this sweet companion in our daily lives.

Of course, the distinction between dark and sacred milk. But chocolates, gastronomic tastes full of old, chapters and fads in catering, are undoubtedly much more. Not only because its history is lost in the fog of time – starting with the cocoa crops of the Amazon more than 6,000 years ago, deeply intertwined with the millennial cultures of Central and South America and conquering Europe from the 16th century: its production and development became an integral part of world culture, In all respects, it has become an indispensable presence in the lives of all of us. Yes, but even if we consume our favorite tablet every day, how much do you actually know chocolate?

Very little, it’s true. Starting from the different recipes that go into the composition of different types in the market. The same distinction between dark and milk, for example, seems normal, but it is not: dark chocolate consists exclusively of cocoa paste, cocoa butter (fatty part) and sugar; all this, unlike the type of milk that contains, in fact, milk, this It is why it is softer, easier to dissolve and yes, even more sweet, because the percentage of the bitter portion of cocoa inevitably decreases.

There are also less common types, starting with the ruby ​​chocolate, in striking pink, which has only recently been put on the market by the Swiss company Barry Kalliabout, which requires no dye: the pink shade is actually given by special broad beans. From cocoa of ruby ​​color, it is grown in Brazil and Ivory Coast, which is produced. And then, between Modica’s own chocolate and raw chocolate, are similar, perhaps, but with very distinctive properties


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