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Even dogs have a special day to celebrate

Even dogs have a special day to celebrate

International Dog Day was born in 2004 in the United States, on the initiative of pet expert Colleen Paige.

Our trusted and beloved dog could not fail to have his day of celebrations: and his day is today 26 August. The International Dog Day was born in 2004 in the United States, at the initiative of the pet expert Colleen Paige (an overseas celebrity), to then expand to the whole world, on the initiative of animalists in various countries. The date of August 26 is not accidental, and this is the day when the Paige family adopted its first dog “Sheltie”, when Colleen was only 10 years old.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness and encourage the adoption of these animals.

“Millions of dogs are killed every year because they are simply unwanted” – says Colleen Paige, founder of National Dog Day – but they are unwanted because not everyone understands how to properly take care of the needs of each breed, because they were bought as a Christmas gift .

But many are the most desired and beloved four-legged animals. Moreover, the presence of a dog brings a series of benefits that are now well established: they help children and adolescents to grow in a balanced and responsible way, improving their ability to socialize and fostering a sense of family belonging. They help the elderly because their company greatly influences the physical and mental well-being, helping to mitigate, in certain situations, the sense of social or moral solitude.

The dogs then favor the masters’ physical activity: from an analysis of the international scientific literature conducted by the Centro Studi Senior Italia, it emerges that dog owners have a 57% more chance of performing physical activity than those who do not .

Dogs finally help in rehabilitation and social recovery. They are among the main protagonists of Pet Therapy, an animal therapy therapy, often used as a support for the disabled, the blind, those suffering from autism. A study by the American Humane association on the benefits of the presence of a dog in families with young patients admitted due to cancer has shown that the presence of an animal can support and positively influence families and young patients.

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