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The city of Chefchaouen blue

The city of Chefchaouen blue

In Morocco, a city at the foot of the mountains has streets and houses completely painted in blue: welcome to Chefchaouen, the pearl of North Africa.

Founded in 1471, the town of Chefchaouen is located on the Rif mountain range in northern Morocco. Born in the mountains, it slides along a valley between two imposing horn-shaped peaks. This place is famous all over the world thanks to the blue color with which the inhabitants have painted houses and streets, making it a must for visits to the country.

Hiago Marques and Tania De Pascalis, known as Tiago and Tania, are a duo of professional photographers who dedicated a series of spectacular photographs to this pearl, with the aim of opening a dialogue between architecture and landscape, man and nature, fantasy and reality.

To document the magical palette of the city’s blues, of which you can appreciate the results in this gallery, they wanted to live it with the eyes of its inhabitants, transmitting – with the greatest realism possible – the beauty of one of the most fascinating corners of the Earth.

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