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Digital transformation: 10 technologies that will change the world by 2030

Smartphones will be revolutionized by spintronics (electronics plus magnetism). The medicine will offer “tailored” antibiotics and mini-robots to be introduced into the human body. The clothes will change shape and color based on who is wearing them. These are some solutions that will prevail over the next few years according to “Futurism”. Let’s see 

The future, of course, is unknown, but today we have tools (electronic and technology) that are particularly effective to predict what the scenario will look like in a few years. The world of technological innovation is one that attracts the greatest attention because in recent decades the winds have caused turbulence in many sectors and companies.

More importantly, it is necessary to understand what will be the next big thing in technology, or what technologies will be able to revolutionize the markets in the coming years.

We have tried Futurism, an international newspaper specializing in these topics.

A group of journalists and experts have developed a range of upcoming and devastating innovations that will begin in the technology sector and then penetrate into the most diverse business environments. All this by 2030.

We thought, for example, that we had already seen everything in the evolution of smartphones, but, based on this list, within a decade, the emerging science called Spintronics, a combination of electronics and magnetism, Will shake the situation for these things that now we always carry with us.

On the car front, we wonder whether the future car will be electronic or hybrid, and what will happen to diesel engines and other polluting fuels: the heart of the card can lead to a special type of battery with electrochemical cells that “absorb” carbon dioxide (CO2) to generate electricity, As a result of solving the problems of scarcity of energy resources and pollution of the planet simultaneously.

Science fiction or reality? Less science fiction, closer than us over time, seems to be the emergence of high-tech and small robots that will be introduced by doctors in the human body to treat wounds (will be biodegradable, among other things).

Even antibiotics designed for each patient or super viruses do not seem impossible.

The future direction in which our clothes will be reasonably stylish and will change color, shape, and temperature according to our tastes.

However, it is necessary to understand whether stylists, dealers, and buyers love innovative new clothes or prefer traditional models. At the same time, let’s look at the list of future with these technologies.

Some indicators may not be entirely correct, while others may represent the right path for the future technology company.

technologies 2019


The machines can be controlled by gestures or eye movements thanks to the progress of the software used for facial recognition and movements.

technologies 2020


Inexpensive diagnostic tools will make it easy to perform rapid tests for Ebola, tuberculosis, swine flu, Zika, and many other diseases.

technologies 2023


The technology will allow the development of less expensive antibiotics tailored to the patient’s needs.

technologies 2024


Perishable and biocompatible micro-robots will be able to repair the wounds of a sick human being from within.

technologies 2026


The clothes will be composed of special fabrics and integrated with miniature electronic components: they will be able to change color and shape and keep warm or cold depending on the needs of those who are wearing them.

technologies 2027

Blockchain technology in the energy sector: A systematic review of challenges and opportunities. Download PDF


Photonic technology will be increased. This means increased bandwidth, a data level 100 times greater than the radio frequencies and the need for less power for space communications.

technologies 2028


The extraction of precious metals and minerals from still active submarine volcanoes will become a feasible and economically convenient operation.

technologies 2028


Spintronics is a new science that studies the electronic structures and the spins of the most varied materials: substantially it constitutes a union between electronics and magnetism. Its rapid marketing will revolutionize smartphones, smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT).

technologies 2029


We will have electrochemical cells that “suck” carbon dioxide (CO2) to generate electricity and secondary products, thus simultaneously solving the problems of scarcity of energy resources and pollution of the planet.

technologies 2030


Broad-spectrum antivirals based on genetic mutations and other gene therapies will be on the market.


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