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5 iPhone settings to change now Apple

5 iPhone settings to change now Apple

They have strange names. They have strange numbers. In fact, as if things were not already complicated enough, Apple saw an occasion to mix alphanumeric characters, so the new iPhone 11, 11 Max and XR2 are called and are grouped into two series, A21 and A22, with interesting titles of highway numbers And flight-like serial numbers (A2111, A2160, etc.). In short, today’s iPhone model explanation may not be as immediate as one dream, but there are some nice tricks to simplify practical things.

Or rather, they exist but not everyone knows them. Precisely for this reason, Karissa Bell entrusted Mashable with its five tips to make the iPhone more efficient, customized and set up some simple settings. Try them and touch the taste of the Cupertino technique. And don’t blame yourself for not thinking about it yourself.

First of all, the new iOS system allows you to customize the Control Center you find in Settings: Once there, you can activate low power mode to avoid wasting precious power, but also alert and record the screen. The second tip is that you can train your iPhone to suggest phrases – and full-text strings – based on what you usually write. The first three characters are sufficient and your email address will be saved, for example, avoiding it, perhaps copying it with some wrong characters. Instead, here’s an automatic physical address gathering service, ideal for repetitive, boring, and especially redundant formats.

A third tip is dedicated to the Shortcuts app, which allows you to create shortcuts and is new to iOS 12, which was launched last year. The process is easy to use, but sometimes it’s precisely because it passes under the eye: a simple icon with a link to your favorite radio can save you battles with Siri if you don’t understand what your favorite station is. What about an option that allows you to contact your wife or children in a very fast way?

To monitor the status, if you miss it, there is also two-factor authentication. This is additional security provided by Apple to allow you to sign in with your Apple ID on a new device. There is also a recovery key to protect against data theft and unwanted changes to your passwords. Also for your safety, there is also the possibility to enter emergency contacts on iOS to configure them so that you can call you even without unlocking the phone.

For some time there had been the talk of the new iPhone models on which Apple worked, but no one expected that all new projects, three new models, would suddenly be confirmed: let’s talk about the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone XR2. These are the names of the iPhones we will use very soon, the A21 and A22 series, and the features are very interesting.

The A21 series will include the iPhone XR, which should reach the Apple stores in three different sizes, while the A22 will include the iPhone 11 and 11 Max, also in three different sizes (we know that the screen, together with the camera, will be the real novelty of this new series of smartphones branded Cupertino.

But the most interesting detail of this story is how the news has spread that the new iPhones will soon be on sale. The first to notice it was those of the 9to5MAc site, a site specialized in business of the company founded by Steve Jobs: after having received the news of the registration of some new serial numbers (hereinafter: A2111, A2160, A2161, A2215, A2216, A2217, A2218, A2219, A2220, A2221, and A2223) were able to trace the corresponding product, just the new iPhone. The new iPads, in fact, have already been registered two months ago, so there is no other plausible explanation.

The news and images that circulate in these hours show us iPhones with three cameras, a renewed external line and a screen that, for definition and touch colors, promises very well. The challenge, it goes without saying, is that with Huawei and Samsung, but also with the other brands that have successfully entered the smartphone market, one of the most growing markets in the entire technology sector.

As we mentioned a little while ago, the real novelty will be that of cameras, zooms and, consequently, that of image quality. Looking at the images of the new models, many people have noticed on the forums that the details with the most important changes are the rooms. The three cameras seem to have a much wider angle than those of current iPhones (still excellent).

We know a lot about how new iPhones will appear, but unfortunately from the point of view of RAM and technical features such as software changes and memory capacity, not much is known. Apple has managed to keep the trade secret intact, at least for now. But we’ll know more very soon, at the next leak, or as soon as the information is released by the company itself on the verge of putting the new iPhones on the market.


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