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Samsung Galaxy S11: output, prices, features and news

All the advances in the next range of Samsung Galaxy S11: release date, price, features, design, and news.

Samsung has introduced to the world the new Galaxy Note 10, the phablet with a nib successor to the Note 9, but another top of the line from the Korean company starts to be talked about.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S11, the successor to the S10 released in 2019, among the best smartphones on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has surprised with a brand new Infinity-O display, triple rear camera and the arrival of a third low-cost model (S10e), and we expect as many great changes also from the Galaxy S11, which should be announced at the beginning of 2020.

Here is everything we know about the next top class so far.

Samsung Galaxy S11, S11 + and S11e

At the moment there is no official news, but we can already get an idea of ​​what to expect from the new Samsung Galaxy S11 based on rumors and strategies implemented so far.

There will probably be three models, continuing on the route taken by the Galaxy S10. If the name remains the same, then we will have Samsung Galaxy S11, S11 +, S11e.

Along with the three normal models, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy S10 5G to offer access to 5G networks where supported.

Considering that 5G should widen its coverage range a lot more when the S11 comes out, it’s very likely that 5G connectivity will be included in the models by default.

As for the design, the Note 10 that launched on August 7th could offer a preview of what the next S11 will be like.

On Twitter, the famous Ice Universe leaker has revealed some confirmations.

According to what he writes, the Galaxy S11 has a code name Picasso; the camera will be improved; it will be based on Android Q One UI 2.x; the hole in the display will be smaller than that of the Note 10.

As for the specifications, we can make some hypotheses. The S11 will have an AMOLED display, will be powered by Qualcomm’s next-generation processor and will have at least 6 GB of RAM.

It is likely that Note 10 will get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack but we don’t know if the port will be present or not on the S11.

What there is no doubt about at the moment is that the flagship of the new Samsung will be the camera.

In May, Samsung presented its first 64 MP camera sensor to take beautiful photos in low light and at full resolution in daylight conditions.

The 64MP sensor also offers HDR in real-time with richer tones, 1080p video recording at 480 fps and high-performance autofocus.

Output and prices

When will the new Samsung Galaxy S11 be released? in the last two years, Samsung announced its Galaxy S at the end of February near the MWC.

The S10 was revealed on February 20 and S9 on February 25th of the previous year.

We have no reason to believe that this year the company will change the launch period.

We, therefore, expect that the new S11s will be presented at the end of February 2020, with pre-orders starting a few days later.

Now we come to the topic clue, that is the price. How much will the Samsung Galaxy S11 cost?

The price list could be similar to that of the S10 series, therefore, assuming:

Keep in mind that the phones tend to become more expensive with each passing year, and we expect a small increase in the number of prices compared to the 2020 flagship series.

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