Download Google Chrome 2019 Latest Version

Download Google Chrome 2019 Latest Version

Download Google Chrome browser 2019 full latest version for free direct link is the fastest browser on the Internet, Google Chrome 2019 for PC is the latest version of the very fast light on the device and easy to use and is characterized by simplicity and speed in browsing, so spread very quickly among Internet users in a small period and for a lot Google Chrome 2019 is one of the most popular browsers and has become a very popular and well-known competitor to other giant browsers and you can download for free the latest version and a quick link from the official website of the program.

Google Chrome Browser 2019 is fast and loved and used by millions of users from different countries of the world is very flexible to suit all your needs and supports most languages ​​of the world, it also has many different themes and the most important features of Google Chrome Browser The device where developers are working to develop and update the program constantly and there are a lot of great additions and developers are working to make additions to it constantly to stay on top and the arena of competition with other browsers such as Firefox browser and Opera and Baidu Spark browser.

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The most important features and features of the browser Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome 2019 is a fast, powerful and stable browser.
  • The browser has a beautiful and attractive interface for user convenience.
  • Free, open-source, flexible and easy to handle even for the novice user.
  • Google Chrome supports the world’s languages, for user convenience.
  • Google Chrome has a search engine so you can quickly find what you want.
  • The ability to translate sites and pages on the Internet at the push of a button and with great flexibility.
  • Developers are constantly developing and updating the software to keep up with everything new.
  • You can add to the browser a lot of plugins that help you perform a lot of tasks easily.
  • Google Chrome keeps the user private and warns them of malicious sites.
  • Google Chrome 2019 lets you customize the interface as you like to meet your needs seamlessly.
  • It is used by programmers and developers of web sites because its tools facilitate them with a lot of tasks.
  • Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the Internet and is very loved by millions of users from all over the world.

Speed ​​and stability

Google Chrome is characterized by fast browsing and stability and stability of the program during operation as it is light and does not put pressure on computer resources is a powerful browser and ideal for this purpose is one of the leading browsers on the Internet.

Maintain privacy

With Google Chrome, you can browse 2019 websites by using the Incognito mode feature, which does not store or save the sites you visited or things you searched for on your computer in order to protect your privacy from any intruder, and you can also delete stored files such as cookies If you are browsing through Google Chrome without hidden mode by pressing ctrl + shift + delete and then pressing the Clear Browser Data button, you will be able to clear the stored sites that you have visited.

Protection from harmful sites

Google Chrome displays a warning page in case the site you want to access may harm you and choose if you want to continue browsing this unsafe site.

Simple and flexible interface

Google Chrome 2019 features a simple interface with the possibility to customize it as you want so that you can choose the color or style you love from a large variety of beautiful and a variety of skins and wonderful themes as you can add any addition you want to the browser with the push of a button from a large selection of additions from different categories and sections To make browsing flexible and simple, you can also open more than one browsing window at once with ease.

Tools and features

Google Chrome program contains a set of tools that help you to do many tasks such as downloading files There is inside Google Chrome Download Manager of the files through which you can download any file from the Internet and shows you the file size and speed of download and the end of the download and you can stop the download and complete at another time If your uploaded location allows it, save your bookmarks within Bookmarks arranged and organized into Folders folders if you want, and you can take a backup copy to save them from loss.

Translate web sites and pages

Google Chrome is an add-on that enables you to translate any website or web page into any language you want with the push of a button.

Compatibility with operating systems

Google Chrome supports and is compatible with all Windows operating systems, whether 32-bit or 64-bit is a very flexible program.

Google Chrome Professional program information

Official site: Homepage
Version: Google Chrome 70.0.3538.77
The size of the program: 44.3 MB
Program compatibility: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Supports systems: 32 Bit / 64 Bit
Software License: Freeware

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