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Mozilla Firefox or Firefox (formerly called Phoenix then Firebird) is a free and open web browser that runs on multiple operating systems, developed by the Mozilla Foundation and many volunteers.

Mozilla Foundation Firefox aims to develop a fast, small and expandable browser, separate from the Mozilla software suite.

Firefox has become the flagship project of the Mozilla Foundation and is developed in parallel with the Thunderbird mail client.

Before the first release 1.0 of 9 November 2004, Firefox had won praise in many media outlets, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, and with more than twenty-five million downloads in the first 99 days of version 1.0, Firefox had the highest ratios.

Internet downloads between open source software, especially by home users, and on October 19, 2005, Firefox counted 100 million downloads, less than a year after the first release (only 344 days).

Firefox 1.5 was released on November 29, 2005, with more than 2 million downloads at its first 36 hours. Firefox counted 200 million downloads in August 2006, according to the publishing site Firefox.

Firefox 2.0 was released on October 24, 2006. The latest version, Firefox 64.0, was released on September 27, 2011.

Firefox has many features including pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing, live bookmarks, and extensions to add new features.

While many browsers have some of these features, Firefox was the first to have all of these features. Welcome, everyone.

Firefox has attracted attention as an alternative to other web browsers such as Microsoft’s built-in Internet Explorer and Safari built into Apple’s Mac OSX operating system.

In July 2006, Firefox accounted for 12% of total browser usage, with the highest usage rate in Germany (about 39% the same month).

This is the third-largest browser in the world after Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Dev Hight and Blake Ross started working on the Firefox project as a beta branch of Mozilla. Mozilla, To combat how they felt about the swell of the Mozilla browser (Software Bloat), they created a reduced browser, through which they intended to replace the Mozilla kit.

Mozilla Firefox has maintained the nature of the work on the various cross-platform systems of Mozilla’s core browser by using the XUL User Interface Markup Language.

With Firefox support for that language, Firefox users can extend and develop their browser capabilities with the Extensions and Themes features.

A site that provides a lot of extensions and features agreed to be harmless.

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Mozilla Foundation aimed to make the Mozilla Kit project part of the past and replace it with Firefox.

On April 12, 2006, Mozilla Foundation announced that the official versions of Mozilla browser will stop after version 1.7.13, and Mozilla Foundation continued to provide technical support for the branch 1.7.x because of the continuing It is used by many users, and because many other corporate products continue to include this release, the Mozilla community other than the Enterprise has continued to produce new versions of this product under the name SeaMonkey to avoid any confusion with the original Mozilla Kit.


The project, which later became Firefox, began as an experimental branch of the Mozilla Kit called M / B (Mozilla Browser – Localization: Mozilla Browser), and when adequately developed, executables for the public experiment appeared in September 2002 under the name Phoenix.

The name Phoenix lasted until April 14, 2003, when it was changed due to brand issues with the BIOS and Phoenix technology (which provided a browser based on the BIOS called Phoenix FirstWare Connect), and the new name, Firebird, provoked different reactions Especially because of the free Firebird database program that uses the same name, and later in April, after converting the name to Firebird Browser for several hours, the Mozilla Foundation recognized that the browser should always carry the name Mozilla Firebird to avoid confusion with the Firebird database server, but with Continuous pressure from the community free and open source has resulted in a new change, and in the ninth of February 2004, Mozilla Firebird became Mozilla Firefox (or Firefox shortcut).


Mozilla Foundation not only chose Firefox for its similarity to Firebird, but also because of its uniqueness and unity in the computer industry, and to avoid any future forced change of name, Mozilla began the process of booking Firefox as a trademark in the United States Patent and Trademark In December 2003, because the Firefox brand was already reserved in the UK, the Mozilla Foundation reserved the name from its owners.

Download Firefox browser 2019 direct link in the latest version of the computer from the official site where the program is the Firefox 2019 pioneer amid browsers on the Internet and has a lot of features unique to the program Firefox from other browsers it was able to mix between the many features and features and tools, speed and stability, Firefox Browser is highly protected and protected.

It protects your privacy and Mozilla company is constantly developing and updating it so that it remains at the forefront among other browsers.

Firefox 2019 contains great settings to help you browse wonderful and distinctive is a giant browser and loved and preferred by a lot of users as the program Firefox supports all languages ​​for easy to use in browsing as it supports automatic update not the latest version of the browser until it is constantly updated.

Firefox features

  • Open Source is easy to use and has a nice interface.
  • High and comprehensive protection for your privacy from hackers.
  • Supports many languages ​​of the world Languages ​​and you can choose your language from the languages ​​available in the browser.
  • Save the sites you visit frequently in the Bookmarks Toolbar and categorize them within Folders for easy access and you can take them back up so you don’t get lost.
  • Choosing Private Browsing Private browsing through the Internet without saving cookies on your computer until you browse completely freely through the browser Firefox.
  • Firefox is characterized by the presence of a lot of addons in various fields and specialties.
  • Choose to close the Pop Up Windows pages so you can browse without any hassle.
  • Browse the number of pages simultaneously through Tabs for high browsing flexibility.
  • Download Manager Download the files you want and choose where you want them to be downloaded.
  • Possibility to follow sites through RSS feeds where you can subscribe to RSS feed for websites easily through RSS in Firefox browser.

About Firefox

Program compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Home: Homepage
Software License: Open Source
The size of the program: 36/34 MB

Download it from the site directly

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