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Sony Vision-S | In Las Vegas with a car the Vision-S

Sony Vision-S | In Las Vegas with a car the Vision-S

Surprisingly, Sony has unveiled the Vision-S concept at CES in Las Vegas, a car that collects the main proposals and technological solutions of the Japanese giant related to infotainment and autonomous driving. The vehicle was not created as a basis for a future series model, but as a pure technological showcase for the electronics company.

240 km / h for Sony electricity

It is a five-door 4.9 meters long (and with a step of three meters) totally electric, born thanks to the collaboration with partners such as Magna Steyr, Nvidia, Continental, Bosch, ZF, and Qualcomm. The information disseminated so far does not mention the author of the design, which appears very current and realistic. The platform was conceived to be used on sedans and SUVs and was designed to house batteries with particularly reduced thickness. Thanks to the presence of a 272 HP engine for each axle, the car is capable of touching 100 km / h from standstill in 4.8 seconds with a maximum speed of 240 km / h. Autonomy data unknown at the moment.

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Level 4 autonomous driving potential

However, the focus of the project is not the design or the mechanics, but the on-board electronics. The Vision-S Concept is in fact equipped with 33 sensors that monitor the exterior and interior, from which both autonomous driving and advanced passenger control functions pass. To this end, Sony has developed solid-state Lidars and created new sensor fusion systems for analyzing the flow of data, useful for managing the most difficult driving conditions, such as fog and night driving. The sensors in the passenger compartment, on the other hand, use a process called time-of-flight to analyze distances, objects, and movements and thus be able to operate the gesture-controlled interfaces: the system also serves to monitor the driver’s attention. Sony declares that the Vision-S, with the current software, guarantees autonomous level 2 driving, but all systems are ready to go to level 4 with subsequent updates.

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Digital interiors ready for the future

The dashboard is dominated by screens that provide information on travel data, images from external cameras and infotainment. The set-up also includes the brand new 360 Reality Audio system, for a superior onboard experience, thanks also to the speakers integrated into the seats. Each user can thus create their own separate listening area, or take advantage of the over 30 speakers on board to reproduce the contents. Two large screens are dedicated to rear passengers. The technological platform, with 5G connectivity, includes functions already seen in similar products: remote management, via the app, of the vehicle, over-the-air updates and user recognition on board, to offer customized content and adjustments.

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