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Lamborghini – Mansory transforms the Urus into Venatus

The tuner Mansory has got his hands on the already extreme Lamborghini Urus managing to make it even more showy and exclusive. Carbon fiber has been used to enrich the bodywork, as well as the sports exhaust further embellishes the melody of the V8 Biturbo which remains unchanged for now, given that an upgrade kit could arrive very soon


Mansory is a popular car making the computer more extreme than it really is. The latest innovation of the brand includes the Urus Lamborghini, which has become Venus. From the pictures, you can see the wide use of carbon fibers, used to cover almost the entire bodywork, which further sculpted the muscle lines.

Mudguards, bonnet, roof, rear bumper, and bonnet are made of noble materials, which we also find inside: paddle and door sill. To further enhance the V8 Biturbo sound, the introduction of a new sports exhaust system.

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