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7 steps to travel smart … the most important of them is love life

People moved from the plains in the past to the forests, mountains, and islands, between warm and cold areas, and from the coasts to the deserts. They hunted, planted, and increasingly created larger communities, then migrated to other places. So it is clear to us that travel plays a major role in the stages of human development. How has travel and travel helped in human development?

7 steps to travel smart … the most important of them is love life

The educational expert, Alison Gopnik, in her book entitled “The Gardener and the Carpenter” explained the relationship between travel and the development of the human mind, as she said that “the travel strategy means that we are constantly facing new environments”, pointing out that “the curiosity is dug in our genes.”

Traveling means change, and change makes you smarter because it forces you to adapt, whether it be new ideas, new situations, or new challenges. And when you successfully apply knowledge to the way you live your life, this is the basic definition of wisdom. Therefore, the lineage of mankind was called “homo sapien sapien.” The word “Sapien” means the sane, while the repetition of the word signifies the wisdom of man.

If you want to make the most of your ability to travel to motivate your wisdom, you should follow the following directions:

Do not go to places you have visited before

The fashionable brings comfort and some happiness. But discovering a new and beautiful place makes you feel motivated by the love of discovery and the feeling of joy. So, write down all the places you want to visit and make that inspiring list compete with the old places you feel comfortable with.

Go as far as you can

The further away you are, the happier you are. So escape routine, stress, and boredom. The added modernity of going far to countries such as Mongolia, Iceland, India, China, Australia, Thailand, and Nepal, bridging the cultural gap due to discoveries made by the traveler.

Travel as long as you can

Money has always been a limiting factor for travel, but if you can extend your stay, then you go deeper into the place you visit. If you stay for a month somewhere, then you will start moving around, as if you are a local, and you will discover more details that you love, and start making friends.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that students who have studied abroad are more likely to research, and enjoy new experiences.

Add drama to your experience

In his second memoir, “Love Life” which means “love life,” American actor Rob Low told an amusing story about flying a marine plane to escape the scenes of a movie he represented in, to watch a professional basketball match. He then wrote, “Adventure is important in life.”

Create your challenge

Traveling to achieve a goal, such as learning a language, cooking, or doing volunteer work, is a large part of the travel industry.

Do not leave details to others

When you leave planning or driving, you remove the value of discovering places, foods, and experiences from your list. Try reading the local history of your destination from a book. Find out for yourself how to move from one place to another, and enjoy meeting local people.

Get out of your comfort zone

Go to a place you do not know its language, and try to learn some of this language. Find local food and cultural experiences that you cannot easily find in your environment.

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