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Coronavirus, Conte announces: the whole of Italy “closed” for two weeks

Coronavirus, Conte announces: the whole of Italy “closed” for two weeks

This is the time to take another step further. Closure of all retail commercial activities, with the exception of those relating to utilities, essential public services, and the sale of basic necessities. And then the closure of all the shopping centers, of the shops present within them and of the sales departments of non-essential goods. Instead, pharmacies, para pharmacies and points of sale for food and basic necessities are open. But the list of stops required by the national government for the Lombard territory is longer: closing of bars, pubs, restaurants, craft service activities, such as hairdressers, beauticians.


Holidays, paid leave, non-essential industrial departments, safety protocols suitable for everyone must be encouraged.

Premier Conte thanks the Italians for changing their lifestyle habits, a tiring change that makes a great contribution to the country.

Italia proves to be a great nation. the world looks at us and takes us as a positive example of a country that has been able to react with greater force, becoming a model for all the others.

The challenge that puts pressure on the haven system and the stability of the production system.

While people infected with coronavirus penetrate 10,000 cases in Italy, (10590) the head of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana gives an alarm indicating that within 24 hours there were about 1,500 cases with 19 other cases. Given the numbers related to infection, Prime Minister Conte said it was “available” for a new tightening of more restrictive measures to contain the epidemic, which should relate primarily to Lombardy and Veneto. In the event of a full emergency, the North is pushed with stricter rules. He asks her Lombardy and Piedmont ready to suppress.

These are some of the proposals formalized to the Government by the President of the Lombardy Region Fontana to put in place additional measures to contain the spread of the virus:

The Lombard governor spoke of requests “indifferent on the basis of the scientific data in our possession”. “We have asked for the closure of everything, we cannot go on with these increases in infections, we cannot afford it”. Fontana asks that only “the activities considered essential to continue ordinary life, from the food chain to energy to waste, and those business activities connected to world chains from which they cannot detach themselves except to excessive damage” remain open.

For Fontana it is a war to be won against the coronavirus: “We must continue to work with the utmost determination not to increase the number of people infected every day. We must, therefore, ensure that the trend is reversed, also through those virtuous behaviors that we are strongly recommending and spreading and that they concretely contribute to stopping the spread of the virus “.

Piedmont is also ready to close, said, governor Alberto Cirio. “If the government decides that Lombardy will take this step, Piedmont will also have to be included.” For Cirio “if the words of Fontana, governor of a region that represents 50% of Italy’s GDP, go in the direction of closing everything, I think this reflection should be accepted with great attention and that is why I have already submitted it to the crisis unit and to the scientific committee that we have set up in the Piedmont Region to have an opinion to transmit to the government today “.

Finally, we pray and ask God to stop this disease and heal all the sick, we also ask God to help experts find the right medicine to fight this disease.

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