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Coronavirus: 91 countries affected

Coronavirus: 91 countries affected

Worldwide, 100,052 people are infected with the coronavirus, 20,000 outside China. There are 3,398 victims at the moment, mostly in the country where it all began.

More than half were healed 55,671. And 91 countries are affected by the epidemic in the world.

This is what emerges from the latest update on the evolution of the virus provided by the leading research university Johns Hopkins. New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Russia. China, South Korea, and Italy remain in the lead for the number of infections. The virus did not spare the islands of Saint-Barthelemy (France), in the Caribbean, and Faroe (Denmark), in the North Atlantic. China has reported 30 new coronavirus-related deaths, 143 new infections and 16 so-called “return infections”, cases imported by people who arrived in the country. Overall, 3,042 people died for Covid-19, the data released by the National Health Commission.

In South Korea, 518 new cases and 5 other victims have been identified. The toll in the country is 42 dead and 6,284 people infected. The most critical area is the city of Daegu (230 southeast of Seoul) and the surrounding province of southern Gyeongsang. In this region 5,700 people are infected, more than 90% of the total in the country and the victims are 40% of the total. Iran closes schools and universities for a month Tehran announced a national plan to try to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, which has so far infected a total of 3,513 people, killing 107 of them. Health Minister Saeed Namak said the decision to close schools and universities across the country, until early April, when the Nowruz holidays, the Persian New Year, end.

Thailand is considering the introduction of a 14-day mandatory quarantine for people arriving from Italy, a country classified as at high risk of contagion for coronavirus together with China (including the territories of Hong Kong and Macao), South Korea and Iran. The authorities will confirm in the next few hours, among the planned measures, the period of self-managed isolation, with an obligation to remain closed in the hotel, under penalty of a fine of around 650 euros.


the first victim is an 86-year-old The Netherlands has announced the first death of a patient infected with the coronavirus, an 86-year-old hospitalized in the Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam.


schools closed in the Westphalia area in the district of Heinsberg, at least until March 15 At the moment there are 534 positive cases, tripled in the last three days. Even in Germany, schools of all levels close at least until 15 March in the district most affected by the virus in Heinsberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Use, assault on supermarkets and exorbitant costs for tampons

According to CNN, there are 14 deaths and 228 coronavirus cases in the United States. Congress has allocated an $ 8.3 billion emergency plan to deal with the spread of the epidemic. Currently, the main outbreak is found on board a cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco. There have been assaults on supermarkets and a rise in costs already very high for tampons that even reach $ 4000 each.

West Bank

Abu Mazen proclaims state of emergency Israel, precautionary closure of all accesses to Bethlehem President Abu Mazen has proclaimed a state of emergency in the West Bank since this morning after 7 coronavirus cases were identified yesterday in Bethlehem. Schools, tourist places and places of worship closed. Palestinians have been asked to reduce travel between cities, especially in Bethlehem. Israel through the Israeli defense minister Naftali Bennett has imposed (in agreement with the Palestinian authority PNA) the precautionary blockade of the city. No one, therefore, can currently enter or exit, except in cases of extreme necessity.


12 cases on the Nile cruise Twelve people on board a cruise ship from Aswan to Luxor test positive for Covid-19. The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced. To date, there have been 3 cases of contagion in the country. Meanwhile, Egypt’s health minister, Hala Zayed, has been placed under quarantine on her return to Cairo from an official mission to China. The government delegation following Minister Zayed, who visited China on Sunday, March 1, was also in isolation to confirm Egypt’s solidarity and support for Beijing against the coronavirus and to learn Chinese know-how in the fight. against Covid-19.

Finally, we pray and ask God to stop this disease and heal all the sick, we also ask God to help experts find the right medicine to fight this disease.

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