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Coronavirus, In the USA over 950 cases and at least 29 deaths

Coronavirus – In the USA over 950 cases and at least 29 deaths

There are over 950 coronavirus cases so far ascertained in the United States, where the number of victims has risen to 29. This is what emerges from the latest data of the federal and local health authorities. Meanwhile, the new closures and restrictions of foreign countries to Italy are multiplying after the announcement of the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte, who decreed the whole of Italy as a “protected area” in the new measures against coronavirus

Austria closes the borders with Italy. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced a stop to entry from Italy. “The Austrians, who are located in Italy, are brought back to Austria, but must remain in self-isolation for two weeks,” Kurz said, according to the newspaper Der Standard. The measure – he added – is agreed with Italy. The foreign ministry of Vienna then issued an appeal to the Austrians, who are currently in Italy, to return to Austria. In addition, he warned his citizens of travel to Italy after the new decree on the coronavirus emergency. But it is a yellow on Italy’s sharing of the rigid Austrian provision: the closure of the borders would have simply been notified to the Italian ambassador in Vienna with a decision already taken. Austria also suspends all scheduled flights to Italy. In the evening the signing of the decree is expected to block traffic on the road and rail, with the exception of the Austrians who return, as announced by Kurz. At the borders, which are currently open, sample health checks are underway, which will be intensified in these hours. For Italians who for reasons of urgency should go to Austria, there will be an obligation for a medical certificate. All those arriving from Italy will have to stay in self-isolation for 2 weeks.

Malta has suspended passenger connections with Italy, air and naval. On the island, there is a ‘positive’ quarter, after that of an Italian family returned from Trentino. Over 9 thousand Italian residents live in Malta, to which must be added at least another 15 thousand for work, study or tourism. An extraordinary catamaran race between Malta and Pozzallo and a charter flight between Valletta and Rome will be organized by today for the Italians temporarily present in Malta who intend to return to Italy. The Italian Embassy in Malta has announced that a catamaran on the Malta-Pozzallo line will be leaving at 18.00 today. All Italians temporarily present in Malta for work, study or tourism and who are “interested in returning” to Italy are invited to urgently provide their data to the Embassy of Italy and to go in good time to the pier of the Virtu Ferries line in Marsa, and in any case by 5 pm. From today, Malta has banned passenger traffic with Italy, both by air and by sea, for any reason. The embassy asks for an e-mail to be sent to [email protected] indicating name, surname, passport or identity card number, telephone contact and final destination of the trip.

The Spanish government has decided to ban direct flights between Italy and Spanish airports from midnight today until March 25th. El Pais reports it

The German government, in light of the new Italian decree, “advises against” travel throughout Italy. Until now, only the red areas of Northern Italy were not recommended, then extended from Palazzo Chigi to the whole Peninsula.

In France, he is quarantined in Macron’s chief of cabinet. Patrick Strzoda, together with one of his closest collaborators, will work from home the next few days for a quarantine measure. The measure was taken “as a precaution” after the two had been in contact with a positive case of Coronavirus last week. “We are only at the beginning of this coronavirus epidemic” in France: French President Emmanuel Macron said this morning when he visited a center that handles urgent calls in a Parisian hospital. “We are only at the beginning, we must be very clear, lucid – said Macron -. We are organized and in particular, our First Aid units face the beginning of the crisis”. Meanwhile, the death toll rises to thirty and 1,606 people infected the coronavirus balance in France published today by the Ministry of Health. The French authorities specify that the alert still remains at ‘stage 2’, the one preceding the epidemic. The last toll last night was 25 dead and 1,412 infections reported.

The British government advises against all travel to the Peninsula except in cases of extreme necessity. The indication of self-isolation in quarantine is extended to anyone arriving in the UK from all over Italy, even in the absence of symptoms. British Airways has announced the stop of all flights to and from Italy. In the meantime, the gradual acceleration of the coronavirus epidemic continues also in the United Kingdom, so far the last in a number of cases among the major countries of Western Europe. According to the daily update of the Ministry of Health, the total number of infections reported this morning has risen to 373 people infected, with a new jump of 64 more than yesterday. The number of deaths indicated at the moment remains at 6, while the tests performed have increased to 26,261.

Brenner closes borders “with the exception of return traffic,” said Tyrolean governor, Guenther Platter, according to the APA agency, pointing out a “dramatic situation in Italy”. Vienna has issued an appeal to the Austrians currently in Italy to return to Austria. The closure of the borders by Austria was not agreed with Italy, as announced by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, but simply notified to the Italian ambassador in Vienna after a decision has already been taken. ANSA learns from informed sources.


The situation in the rest of the world

Controlled displacements in Hubei – China has registered just 19 new coronavirus infections: according to the National Health Commission, 17 are related to the province of Hubei, while one in Beijing and another in Guangdong. The province of Hubei, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, has announced the adoption of new control rules allowing healthy people to move. With an app, each resident will have a color: a red one indicates a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19, a yellow one indicates a close contact while a green one certifies the absence of contacts. The latter, from medium and low-risk areas, will be given the opportunity to travel to the province to resume production activities. Chinese President Xi Jinping is – for the first time since the outbreak – visiting Wuhan as part of “a prevention and control inspection”.

The new coronavirus epidemic “is basically limited to the epicenter,” said the Chinese president, in the first visit since the outbreak of the crisis in Wuhan, the city from which the infection began. Xi promised “a resolute battle for victory in the war against the coronavirus”, urging – the official media reported – “decisive, solid and meticulous efforts of prevention and control in defense of Hubei and Wuhan”. After hard work, the situation “has shown positive changes with important progress”.

In Wuhan, all field hospitals have been closed. The authorities of Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei and the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic, have closed the last two temporary hospitals set up to welcome patients infected with the coronavirus, thus marking the closure of all 16 dedicated facilities in the city. The last 49 patients discharged from Wuchang hospital left the facility today.

In Japan, all non-Japanese citizens who come from or have passed through the Regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, and Marche in the 14 days prior to their arrival on Japanese territory will be prohibited from entering, with the effect of immediate rejection at the border. This was established by the new regulations of the executive led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in the face of new measures to contain the expansion of the coronavirus in the country.

WHO: the pandemic is near – The coronavirus has now infected the whole of Europe: more than 15 thousand people are infected, while the dead have exceeded 500, of which most in Italy. Numbers that raise the alarm in Brussels and encourage coordination of the 27 to join efforts. With over 110,000 cases and over 4,000 victims worldwide, for the World Health Organization it is not yet a pandemic but the “threat” that it becomes “is very real”.

Mark Meadows, the new White House chief of staff, has been quarantined. The American media report it. Meadows may have come in contact with a coronavirus positive person during a public event last week. The preliminary tests he underwent were negative, but Meadows as a precaution decided to go into quarantine.

In New York, the number of cases of infection still increases and there are now 25, five more than yesterday and, 11 cases. New Jersey also declares a state of emergency. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, communicating the new infections in an interview with Msnbc, reiterated that the closure of the schools is to be considered as the “last resort”. “I want to protect children more than anything else, but this is a disease that does not present a problem for our children,” explains de Blasio. The National Guard in New Rochelle arrives in the state of New York to assist in the containment of the coronavirus. Governor Andrew Cuomo said so, announcing that schools and activities in the “hot zone” of New Rochelle will be closed for two weeks. The National Guard will assist in cleaning the facilities and delivering food.

Finally, we pray and ask God to stop this disease and heal all the sick, we also ask God to help experts find the right medicine to fight this disease.

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