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Coronavirus, the latest news in Italy and worldwide

Coronavirus, the latest news in Italy and worldwide

Updates on the spread of Covid-19. Over 3,000 dead in 65 countries. In Italy over 2,000 infections with 149 recovered and 52 deaths. China, contagions to a minimum of 6 weeks

Coronavirus-associated deaths have exceeded 3,000 cases in 65 countries around the world, including more than 2,900 cases in China with more than 88,000 infections worldwide. South Korea’s injuries continue to rise. In Italy, 2,036 people were recovered with 149, while 52 were killed. Conte signed the Prime Minister’s decision to take new measures against the spread of the Coronavirus. Italy is divided into four: the 11 municipalities in the “red zone”; the “yellow zone” areas in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and the provinces of Pesaro Urbino and Savona; the provinces of Bergamo, Lodi, Piacenza, and Cremona; the remainder of the national territory. Droplet New Keyword: The Accurate System for Maintaining Distances Between People. The Italian leader Arma arrived the last time in Japanese diamonds. In the United States, the second death in Washington state and the first case in New York. In France, the Louvre Museum has been closed and the Paris Book Fair has been canceled. Duomo reopens with portlet entries.

Contagion in China to a minimum of 6 weeks

In China, 125 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded: it is the lowest level in the last six weeks. However, Coronavirus caused 31 additional deaths, all concentrated in the province epicenter of the Hubei epidemic, and so, according to the numbers of the National Health Commission (NHC), the total deaths reached 2,943. The total infections are 80,151. Contagion cases have followed a downward trend in the past few days.

South Korea, 600 new cases

600 new cases of coronavirus in South Korea: the total number of infections is 4,812, with an alarming increase in Daegu, the city where the Church of Jesus Shincheonji is located, which proved to be the real outbreak of the epidemic. There are also three more official deaths for a total of 28 deaths. The new jump in the number of infections follows the 1,062 recorded on Sunday and 813 on Saturday.

March 3, contagions in the USA: flight restrictions

The number of infections in the United States has risen to at least 102, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc) report, indicating that in 48 cases they are infected abroad and repatriated. The victims are 6. The United States will implement 100% of the checks on all direct flights arriving from Italy and South Korea in the next 12 hours. President Donald Trump does not rule out new restrictions on travel to the United States due to the coronavirus.

21.52 – The first case of coronavirus in Molise is a woman
A woman born in 1959, who reported having fever and cough symptoms for about 4 days, showed up in the Infectious Diseases Department of Cardarelli di Campobasso. The swab then found positive for Covid-19. Currently, explains the Molise Region, the patient is in good health and has no problems.

The first case in Basilicata

The head of the Basilicata region, Vito Bardi, announced that a 46-year-old infection from Trichina, in the Potentino region, was positive for the coronavirus store today. The patient is currently in the hospital and has no serious symptoms. This will be followed by a medical team, as required by the protocol. From the first supposed information, 46 years old, from Lombardy.

In Campania, 6 new positive cases

80 swabs were tested in the laboratory at Cotugno Hospital Reference Center. 6 positive results, which, as with all other positive results so far, await official confirmation from Istituto Superiore di Sanità. ”This is done by the Civil Protection Task Force in the Campania region.

There are six positive cases in Puglia

“The Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the Vito Vazzi Hospital in Lecce found a new positive case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in the evening.” The update comes from the president of the Puglia region, Michele Emiliano and director of the Health Policy Division, Vito Montanaro. The swab was sent to the Barry Clinic reference laboratory for a confirmation test and subsequently referred to the Higher Institute of Health.

The first infection in Latvia

Latvia identified the first case of coronavirus on its soil, a woman who had returned from Italy. Medical services in the Baltic states announced this. Latvian, whose identity and age have not been revealed, returned from Verona on Saturday on a flight that stopped in Munich. She is now in hospital with her son, who has no symptoms. The rest of his family stayed in quarantine at home for 14 days.

The first case of contagion in Trentino

The first case of Coronavirus in Trentino. This is an 83-year-old woman from Trento, the first resident person infected by Covid-19, after the cases of the four Lombard tourists found positive to the swab last week: a family of three on vacation in Fai Della Paganella and a woman on holiday in Dimaro. For these four cases, it had been ascertained that the infection had occurred before their arrival in Trentino, while now it is the first local person to have fallen ill.

25 infected in Liguria

There are 25 cases of Coronavirus ascertained in Liguria. “The new infected are all in the Savonese area”. The president of the region, Giovanni Toti, said this during the daily update. Among them is a guest person of a hotel in Finale Ligure. This structure, like those of Alassio and Laigueglia, has also been quarantined and in the next few days, all the occupants will be taken home. These are tourists from the provinces of Piacenza and Cremona. Two other patients are attributable to the Alassio cluster; while another case was recorded in Laigueglia, where an 88-year-old Coronavirus positive woman died in recent days. In all, 12 patients are hospitalized in regional hospitals.

20.55 – All the tests of the Lombardy junta are negative
All the coronavirus tests that the members of the junta of the Lombardy Region have undergone are negative, carried out after the positivity of the Councilor for Economic Development Alessandro Mattinzoli.

The first case in Senegal

The first case in Senegal comes from France The first case of coronavirus in Senegal was confirmed by the country’s health minister, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, quoted by BBC Africa. The patient is a French citizen who lives in Senegal and returned from France on February 26th. The patient has been in a private hospital since February 27 with the symptoms of the virus. This is the second confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa after that in Nigeria last week.

Six Nations confirmed

“The men’s match between Italy and England on March 14 in Rome remains scheduled as scheduled”. The Six Nations rugby organization writes. “Six Nations and member federations are following the situation very closely with their respective governments and health authorities and will strictly enforce any directive given to them on sporting events by the competent authorities. At present, according to the most recent information, all the Six Nations meetings scheduled will take place “.

Israel also closes to those who call in Italy

The restrictive measures adopted by Israel on February 27 for Italy – but also for China, Hong Kong, and Macao, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan – apply “also to all travelers who come to Israel from countries third parties on flights that call in Italy, regardless of the duration of the call itself “. It is reported on the Viaggiare Sicuri website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the measures – in addition to the already known “immediate ban on entry into Israel for all non-Israeli citizens from Italy” – there is also a 14-day quarantine requirement.

Healed collaborator of Governor Fontana

“Our hospital assistant who was in the hospital is about to be discharged in these hours. Then she will return to her home but she is practically healed and waiting for the last tampon. I am very happy for you, we are on the right track “. This was stated by the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana.

The schools remain closed in Piedmont

Schools still closed for a week in Piedmont. The official decision has not yet been taken but the Ministry of Health has already given a positive opinion to the proposal by President Alberto Cirio. Thus, even if the signature is still missing on the order, the reopening scheduled initially for Wednesday.

Over 2000 cases: 149 recovered

The latest update of the Civil Protection speaks of 2036 total cases of coronavirus in Italy, ascertained on 2335 swabs: 52 dead, 149 the discharged recovered, but 1835 are currently total positive cases. Among the positives, 742 are hospitalized with symptoms, 166 in intensive care, 927 in home isolation.

Gallera: «Two patients in the red zone are cured»

«To date in Lombardy the total of positives is 1254, 478 people are hospitalized to which 127 people in intensive care must be added. There are 472 asymptomatic positives and deaths have risen to 38 “. The Lombardy Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera said it, adding that the deceased people are all people aged between 92, 81, 86, 88, 94 years, they are all people with related pathologies. But there is also “excellent news”: “There are the first two people who came out of the Sack who came from the red zone. They are the first patients in the red zone who have recovered and returned home ». 139 people have been discharged and transferred to solitary confinement.

Ryanair reduces 25% flights to and from Italy

Ryanair has reduced the short-haul flight plan, mainly to and from Italy, by up to 25% for 3 weeks. The decision – explains Ryanair in a note – was taken after the significant drop in bookings between March and early April, due to the Coronavirus. The company has specified that for now, it does not see a concrete impact of cancellations on the guidance on profits for this year and that “it is too early” to speculate what effects the coronavirus will have on the profits for the 2021 financial year.

Oms, the virus may contain itself. It is still not a pandemic

“Containing Covid19 is feasible and must remain the top priority for all countries. With early and aggressive measures, they can interrupt the transmission “. This was said by the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “We are monitoring the situation every moment of every day and analyzing the data – he added -. WHO will not hesitate to describe this coronavirus as a pandemic if this is what the data will suggest. ”

Other positive policemen in Parma and Piacenza

Two other policemen, after the one on duty at the Spinaceto police station in Rome, tested positive for the coronavirus. The two, according to what is learned, are in service in Parma and Piacenza and are not engaged in operational services. The contagion, which from what has emerged at the moment has not occurred in the context of work, dates back to several days ago. The two have been subjected to swabs and are hospitalized in the hospitals of their respective areas of residence. All the medical protocols provided for and checks on colleagues who have come into contact with them have already been initiated by the police medical offices.

Two more died in France

Two other people died in France from coronavirus infection. Le Parisien writes it, citing three concordant sources. The new victims originated in the Oise department, like the first French national dead. The death toll in France thus rises to four, including a Chinese citizen.

Another 4 contagions in GB, the number of cases rises to 40

With four new cases of coronavirus infection in England, the number of confirmed cases rises to 40. This was reported by the British government’s health adviser, Chris Whitty, quoted by the Press Association. «All four new patients have recently traveled to Italy, and come from Hertfordshire, Devon, and Kent. Their contacts are being investigated and traced, “he added.

25 cases confirmed in Switzerland

There are 25 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Switzerland. Federal authorities have introduced new hygiene recommendations today to combat the spread of the disease. Last Friday, the government had already banned demonstrations with over 1000 people with immediate effect until at least March 15, 2020.

Eighteen provinces have reduced the alert

So far, 18 provinces in China have so far reduced the alert level for the coronavirus epidemic: Zhejiang is the latest, according to local media, to announce the change today. These measures, advocated by President Xi Jinping, aim to return operations to the industrial and production sectors after the blockade decided to curb the infection.

Two cases in Florida was an emergency

The state of Florida has declared a state of health emergency after the first two cases of coronavirus were detected. These are two people including – explain local authorities – one who has traveled to Italy.

Wuhan, the infection subsides and the first private hospital closes

Wuhan, the coronavirus epidemic, closed the first of 16 hospitals that were established urgently after the epidemic. The decision was made possible by the sharp drop in new cases. The province of Hubei, with its capital Wuhan, has registered only 196 cases yesterday and for the first time under 200 cases since January 24th.

Twelve cases in Rome

Currently, there are 12 positive coronavirus cases between Rome and the province. From Spalanzani’s most recent data, there are 7 hospitalized patients: the now negative Chinese couple, a policeman, the Fiumicino family (mother, father, and daughter) and a recent epidemiological case in Venice. To this must be added the family unit of the hospital policeman (wife, two children, and sister-in-law), all positive in monitoring home health and positive firefighters in tests and observation in the Cabnell barracks.

Stock exchanges, bank index lost 2%

Coronavirus affects stock exchanges, especially banks. The Italian companies on the horizon, but they are not the only ones since the sector index in Europe has decreased by 2%. Banco Bpm sells over 8% (enough to make it stop trading). Ubi lost 6.8%, Unicredit 6.38%, Bankia 5%, Fineco Bank 4.9%, Commerzbank 4.8%, Intesa Sanpaolo 4.5%.

France, Macron cancels all appointments for the emergency

French President Emmanuel Macron has canceled all commitments unrelated to the virus situation to focus only on managing the crisis.

Rome, positive pupil of the firefighter

“7 positive cases are hospitalized at Spallanzani, of the 12 infected in Lazio, including the completely negative Chinese couple”. This is what emerges from today’s medical bulletin of the Roman hospital. Among the positives there is a young student of the 87th Corso Firefighter, coming from Piacenza and now under medical surveillance at the Capannelle fire station.

The first case in Moscow, it came from Italy

A Russian citizen who recently returned from Italy tested positive for the virus, the first in Moscow. According to a Tass spokesman, the person infected “in mild form” is hospitalized in Moscow.

The European emergency task force is underway

The EU Commission presents the “Corona response team”, a task force to deal with the coronavirus emergency. The panel includes the European Commissioners Paolo Gentiloni (Economy), Janez Lenarcic (Crisis Management), Ylva Johansson (Interni), Stella Kyriakides (Salute), and Adina Valean (Trasporti). In addition, a new website will be launched with the main information on Covid-19. Meanwhile, the EU agency of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) announced today that the risk level of coronavirus has increased, from “moderate” to “high”.

The first two cases in Portugal, the country’s media report

Portugal records the first two cases. Sic reports it, specifying that in one case it is a man who had recently been in Italy, while the other was from Spain. Both were hospitalized in Porto. At the moment, no confirmation has been received from the Portuguese Ministry of Health. Yesterday the writer Luis Sepúlveda and his wife tested positive in Spain after returning home from a literary festival in Portugal.

Six new cases in Belgium had been in Northern Italy

The six new cases confirmed in Belgium concern people who have recently been to Northern Italy. All have mild symptoms with fever and cough. The country thus records eight total cases with one recovered.

Died 88 years old in the Marche

The first victim of Coronavirus in the Marche region. This is an 88-year-old elderly man with past illnesses, who died this morning at the Santa Croce hospital in Fano. He had been hospitalized on February 24 with high fever and breathing difficulties. “We express closeness to the family and all its loved ones, we continue to work to face the emergency with the utmost commitment,” said the president of the Marche Region Luca Ceriscioli. At 16.30 there will be a press conference to take stock of the emergency.

The Czech Republic suspends flights to Italy

The Czech Security Council decided to suspend flights from Milan, Bologna, Venice, and South Korea. Measures were taken following the first three cases of contagion in the country (here is the list of canceled flights).

The phone call between Minister Speranza and the WHO director

WHO expressed “full support for new measures in Italy” during a telephone conversation between the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and WHO director of Europe Hans Kluge which took place this morning. The organization will offer full collaboration. “It is a global challenge that countries must face together,” said Speranza.

Finally, we pray and ask God to stop this disease and heal all the sick, we also ask God to help experts find the right medicine to fight this disease.

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