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Coronavirus, in France 3,661 cases, 800 more in 24 hours

Contagions are growing everywhere. Governments show a new awareness but despite the pandemic declaration, everyone goes in no particular order

Coronavirus, in France 3,661 cases, 800 more in 24 hours

It seemed that the coronavirus only affected Italy. As until a month ago, it seemed like it was just a big problem for China. And after South Korea or Iran. It wasn’t like that, it couldn’t be like that. There was no need for the WHO to declare the pandemic as it did on 11 March.

It was only a matter of time and also of how the emergency is discussed by governments and the news spread among the population but the result does not change. Coronavirus does not need passports, visas and residence permits.

France, slow awareness

France – coronavirus infections increased by 800 cases in 24 hours to 3,661 with 79 deaths, 18 more than yesterday – initially limited the measures to the three outbreak areas (Morbihan, Brittany, Oise department, North of Paris, and in Haute-Savoie). Then speaking to the nation, Macron announced the closure of schools and universities in France until further notice and asked the over 70s to stay home. “Coronavirus is the most serious health emergency in one hundred years. Let’s get ready for a second wave on young people ».

The Eiffel Tower, the symbolic monument of France, will remain closed from today 13 March and “until further notice” due to the coronavirus, as announced by Sete, the company that manages the Parisian monument, among the most visited in the world.

French railways SNCF and Parisian transport Ratp have announced a “reduced service” probably for the next week due to the coronavirus epidemic, as part of the staff will be forced to stay at home with the children, given the closure of the schools.

Paris metro and buses “will announce tomorrow the level of traffic that can be ensured next week (Saturday 14 March, editor’s note”), considering that – given the invitations to the population to limit travel – passengers are expected to decrease.

Meanwhile, a 68-year-old French Upper Rhine deputy Jean Luc Reitzer ended up in intensive care while Culture Minister Franck Riester is at home in quarantine and appears to have contracted the infection in a mild form.

Germany, the infected are growing

Germany kept the profile low as long as it could. On March 10, Chancellor Angela Merkel swept away any ambiguity with the shock announcement (or simply the realistic observation of a Physics graduate). On March 12 Germany records over 2 thousand cases of contagion, the main outbreak seems, for now, the region of North-Rhine Westphalia. In 10 of the country’s 16 Landers, schools have closed, while Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a € 550 billion aid plan for businesses.

Spain late

The outbreak besieges Madrid, a country where only 100,000 people met on Sunday in the square. The Minister of Equal Opportunities has been infected, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s uncertainty is criticized. The number of dead and infected people rises to 120 and over 4,500 respectively. Sanchez has declared a state of emergency, announcing the risk that the total of infected people will reach 10 thousand units. The Madrid region has already decided to close restaurants, bars, and shops, leaving only supermarkets and pharmacies open. Catalonia ordered the closure of night clubs, gyms and shopping centers on Friday 13 March, with the exception of grocery stores or stores selling basic necessities, and has already imposed isolation for at least 70,000 citizens. In the Murcia region, a sort of red zone has been identified, on the coast, which prevents the movement of nearly 400 thousand people.

The United Kingdom two-faced

Go on as if nothing had happened. As if it were a classic war in which the British are masters and not a health emergency. This is the message in Great Britain while the Chancellor of the Exchequer prepared a budget presented during the week which took into account the worst-case scenario.

Since March 12 it is different, general practitioners are warned that in the coming weeks they could be called to extreme workloads. Institutions such as Lloyd’s in London do not wait for collective awareness and are equipped to ensure business continuity if the coronavirus also affects London.

A sort of schizophrenia that emerges from the speech of Lord James Bethell, Undersecretary of Health, in the House of Lords: we see the storm on the horizon, says Bethell, but “the question of timing is incredibly delicate”. Premier Boris Johnson has announced that he has over 10 thousand infections (while the official data, up to a moment before, spoke of about 500).

Scandinavia closes silently

Denmark closes schools, the surge in the last few hours is particularly dramatic. Norway closes its borders while Sweden, the first economy in Northern Europe, announces drastic measures after the first death.

United States: towards testing in all 50 states

Despite being a known phobic towards germs, so much so that he never loved to shake hands, President Donald Trump took the coronavirus under his belt. He downplayed and ignored the problem as long as he could: so Vice President Pence with the anti-virus task force and Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell who said he was very worried since early February and then cut interest rates by 50 basis points, it seemed played another game in another country.

Trump did nothing even in the face of the state of emergency declared by California, Florida and the state of Washington. From 10 to 11 March, in less than 24 hours everything changes, the WHO declares the pandemic, Wall Street collapses, the President of the United States takes note. First, it promises aid to the economy for 50 billion dollars and then blocks flights to and from Europe for 30 days, excluding Great Britain.

Trump’s announcement that he criticizes Europe for not having immediately closed its borders throws the Americans on a journey in a panic: it is a race to take the last available flights (while the EU criticizes the decision because “the crisis is global and the Trump’s decision was unilateral “). However, the president does not ask to stay at home or recommend anything to the Americans.

In the end, Vice President Pence announces the change of approach: testing in all 50 states. Until now, the United States had refused to perform the WHO-developed swab, now Pence says work is being done to extend the tests. In the same hours, NBA basketball stops for the first positive player.

And today, March 13, President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency, putting 50 billion on the plate to deal with the emergency and up to 500 thousand more tampons next week.

Finally, we pray and ask God to stop this disease and heal all the sick, we also ask God to help experts find the right medicine to fight this disease.

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