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WordPress 2020, What is WordPress and how does it work?

If you are thinking of creating your site with this platform, we see the most important details that will make you better understand what WordPress is and why millions of websites use it.

Today, creating a professional website is a possibility for everyone. The reason is due to the presence of some platforms called CMS (Content Management System), which allow you to create optimized portals for search engines with minimal effort, without sacrificing the usability of the pages and the very important graphic setting of the templates… From this point of view, WordPress is by far the most used CMS by web designers: according to the data collected by W3Techs, in fact, 26.6% of the websites currently online were created using this framework. But what makes WordPress so popular with website builders? Let’s find out what WordPress is for and what are its most useful functions.

Create a professional site with WordPress

One of the main features of the WordPress CMS is the ability to create a professional site, without necessarily having to know programming codes or languages ​​such as HTML and PHP. We speak, therefore, of a specificity that makes it particularly suitable for all those users who need to create a blog, without having to take the time to create their site from scratch. In addition, WordPress is also suitable for use by companies wishing to show their presence on the network: this CMS, in fact, allows you to create particularly effective and complete company showcases, thanks to the presence of numerous plugins that allow you to do practically any operation.


To manage content quickly and easily

This CMS is synonymous with speed and simplicity, especially when it comes to creating textual content and publishing it within your blog or website created with WordPress. The reason is due to the presence of a really intuitive dashboard, and a text editor that shares many of its features with Word, therefore it looks really easy to use. Specifically, you will immediately have the feeling of finding yourself in a familiar environment, with the ability to write content immediately, format it, add multimedia files such as photos and even embed codes from YouTube or from social networks such as Twitter. Finally, you can also create categories and assign specific tags to articles.

Implement an infinite number of functions

WordPress is an open-source CMS, therefore it can count on an infinite series of free plugins and extensions, created by developers outside the CMS or by expert users. This means that there is nothing that cannot be done with WordPress: simply enter a keyword on the internal search engine, and find the most suitable plugin for the purpose. In this way, WordPress will transform into a completely customizable content management platform, according to the most diverse needs. For example, by installing plugins like WooCommerce you can even create professional e-commerce.

Create a site with attractive graphics

This CMS is not only substance but also a lot of appearances. And the discussion is very similar to what has already been said for plugins: WordPress, in fact, provides the user with a series of free graphic templates perfect for dressing any type of portal. From blogs to company windows, it will be possible to identify a template suitable for all needs. As if this were not enough, these templates can be customized directly from the control panel, choose the preferred colors, or by moving the cells of the various sections. Not to mention the possibility of creating intuitive and therefore perfect menus for navigating the site. Finally, WordPress provides numerous mobile-friendly templates, which adapt to the screens of devices such as smartphones and tablets, facilitating navigation from these now widespread devices.

Optimize a website for SEO

At a time when businesses depend on positioning on Google’s SERP, being able to count on an SEO-optimized CMS is a truly remarkable advantage. WordPress, in fact, provides webmasters with a series of very useful tools to optimize the site by satisfying the search engine algorithms. Furthermore, what cannot be automated by the CMS is still covered by the appropriate tools. For example, by installing the Yoast SEO plugin it is possible to check a series of factors related to the positioning of keywords within the articles, such as the density and TITLE tag of the images. In this way, it will be possible to obtain pages and content optimized for search engines: a decisive factor that brings visibility, traffic and, consequently, an increase in conversions when buying.

Increase the security of the website

WordPress also allows you to armor your website, reducing the risk of intrusion by attackers and hackers. The reason is once again due to its characteristics of open source CMS: a factor that makes its code public, and that allows anyone to intervene to solve bugs and any security holes. Also, in this case, there are numerous plugins that act on security, solving problems such as attempts to log in with random passwords to the wp-login page. Finally, to report the presence of real antivirus that analyzes the codes of the plugin identifying malware and trojans.

Key features of the WordPress platform:

  • Extending functionality through plugins
  • Thousands of features available to customize the look of the site
  • Manage web pages through a special template
  • permanent URLs that help optimize your search engine
  • Category management
  • Tracking Pingback functions
  • Visual text format editor
  • Create static pages
  • Multi-author support
  • Support multiple sites, you can install WordPress on any number of domains you want
  • Login by users who visit the site
  • Block users based on IP address;
  • WordPress can be updated with automatic updates.

This is just some of the potential of this platform.

Speed ​​up the website

Finally, it is necessary to underline one of the peculiarities that have made WordPress so famous and used on the web: the speed factor. Using this CMS, in fact, it is possible to speed up the performance of your website by 5 times compared to normal: thanks to the presence of plugins such as WP Super Cache, which creates a static page instead of the normal dynamic page in PHP, so as to reduce the minimum loading times. In addition, it must be added that it is possible to find various hosting services optimized for WordPress on the web on the server-side, which allows us to further speed up the website managed through this CMS. Let’s talk about a fundamental aspect, considering that Google rewards faster websites with better organic positioning.

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