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Download Call of duty warzone today for free for all platforms 2020

Call of duty warzone esce oggi, gratuito per tutte le piattaforme Un’esperienza di combattimento multi-piattaforma su larga scala, gratis per tutti i giocatori.

Call of duty warzone

Parachute into an area of ​​the map, obsessively look for interesting equipment, escape to the safe zone, try to be the last group to stay alive. This formula, minced and portrayed in the last few years, is the one that gives more addiction to that slice of gamers who cannot do without the Battle Royale mode. Just like when Fortnite came out (in the now very distant 2017!) The title of Infinity Ward has managed to cause a sensation and amazement, since before its release, loudly requested by all the fans of the decades-old franchise. And in fact, it does not upset absolutely nothing, on the contrary, it leaves exactly everything as it has already been done for the other titles of the genre. But it does it with style, personality and a bit of cunning, going to give a free-to-play that perhaps, for quality and quantity of content, could easily not have had that “free” in the definition. The size of the map, superior to any other competing title, the cleanliness of the image, the feeling of the weapons, the gulag, the means of locomotion by land and air and the Swag mode are just some of the strengths that we will analyze in the Call of Duty: Warzone review. But let’s go in order.

Battle Royale mode

The queen mode – Battle Royale – of Call of Duty: Warzone makes you understand immediately what we are dealing with, giving vent to a personalized introductory movie to all the visual power typical of the series. We can play it alone or with two other adventure colleagues, and obviously the return in terms of fun and diving is exponentially greater in a group.

Once on the plane, you can view the map and indicate to one of your companions a point where you can start your raids, with others who can both confirm the position, and reject it, and recommend another. Note the graphic gem of the writings of the various districts visible even during the flight, which makes everything really easier to store once more than a few games have been made. Once on the ground, the watchwords are: “search” and “hurry up”. In fact, there is not much time to be able to stroll around the map in search of the best possible loot, so the frenzy is the mood that pervades the first minutes of the game. The “search” refers to looking for the various equipment crates scattered in the buildings of the playing area. These are identifiable by a hiss that grows louder as you get closer, and they are also divided by color, the rare ones blue, the legendary golden ones. Inside you can find money, weapons, armor, accessories, and many other useful things. All this always trying not to get caught by the deadly gas that will inexorably force you to move constantly. Once in possession of something decent, we move on to the other password: “survival”.

Always keeping the map and the safe zone under control, you will have to try in every way to get back into the white circle of life, for as long as possible. You will also be helped by the inevitable refueling stations, where you can buy sets of killings, UAVs, equipment cases, and armor. Continuing to survive between a shootout, a sniper, and jumping from buildings, if you are the last to stay alive you will have the victory. Put this way it seems almost the usual clone, but there are some really interesting peculiarities that manage to raise the bar of Call of Duty: Warzone a lot.

The first is the fact that you can use the “basic” Call of Duty Modern Warfare equipment. From time to time, with an attached on-screen notice that is impossible not to display, crates will be released onto the pitch with all the equipment you have saved in the armory of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This makes Battle Royale a full-fledged appendix to the multiplayer of the main game. This is also supported by the fact that all the experience gained and the kills with the various weapons, will give you the opportunity to unlock bonuses and levels just like in all the other modes. Small note: these boxes of equipment are exactly the same that can be purchased at the filling stations.

The second is the feeling of the map. There are points in the playing area that are highly recognizable to players in the first hour of the main title. There are places like the Superstore, Karst River Quarry, the international airport, and other points that are more or less faithful reconstructions of the maps used in the other game modes, which makes everything really more immediate. The real flaw lies in what happens after death. Although in fact, it is one more opportunity to be able to come back to life and help your companions, the 1 vs 1 challenge in the Gulag is not exactly the best.

After dying, you will be taken to the Soviet prison (which can also be visited during the game, which is highly recommended because it is full of boxes) where, after waiting for your turn, punching with the other dead players, obviously without damage, you will be sent to the shower area. already seen in other modes, with only one weapon available and 2 throwing equipment, one lethal and one non-lethal. After the countdown you will have to be able to kill your opponent in a very short period of time: if you succeed you will be freed from the Gulag and you will be able to be reborn next to your surviving companions. The possibility of being able to come back to life once per game in this way is certainly appreciable, but on the counting of facts, it is all too frustrating, almost to the point of not wanting to have this second possibility and relying only on the other way of being able to resurrect, and that is, the God of money. Our companions still alive, if desired, will be able to call us back to earthly life by spending $ 4,500 at the gas stations.

Everything has a price, however, beyond the economic one. Any “important” action performed will make you more visible to the enemy; for example, by buying the aforementioned equipment boxes, you will have to throw a red smoke to land the box at that point, which is obviously attractive to any attacker, eager to get his hands on your equipment and your dirty money.

Even the means of locomotion, land, and air, give their dose of help in being able to complete the challenge and stay alive. These are marked on the map with icons and go from the rapid quad, only for 2 people, to the truck, to the helicopter. Once you get hold of the vehicle, however, you will have the misfortune of being marked on the map with the vehicle you have chosen, marked in red, so use the means wisely or they can become a double-edged blade.

Another peculiar mechanic is that of contracts. For the game map during your raids, you can see icons with magnifying glasses, those are the contracts, mini-missions that will provide you with extra money, ammunition, and weapons. normally they are limited time, so they add that extra adrenaline to the context that never hurts. In addition, some of them require you to kill a specific target, which is useful for identifying the position of one or more enemies without the aid of the UAV (impromptu flight trick).

The heaviest swag

The other model in the model, and what in our opinion is truly the novelty brought by Call of Duty: Warzone, is the elusive Swag. You will always have the possibility to create a team of 3 players, you will always have the possibility and the need to wander around the map and look for weapons, upgrades, armor, and whoever has more, but there are no various circles and safe zones smaller hand. In addition, if you die you will not find yourself in the annoying Gulag but will reappear after a small period of time, just like in the other multiplayer modes of the father Modern Warfare. In fact, at first, we did not give “a penny” to this modality but then, pad in hand and discreetly skilled companions at our side, we began to understand that it is instead the real flagship of the production.

Without the constant anxiety of having to run away from something, we play much more serenely, even if there is also a time limit (30 minutes) and a purpose here, that is to be the scoundrel on duty at the end weather. How can you accumulate money? Always with the same mechanics of the Battle Royale mode, looting crates, completing contracts, and killing other players, with the difference that in this mode you will be rewarded with a lot more money.

As you play, at the bottom you will have the opportunity to keep an eye on your position in the ranking of the various teams in the game. In fact, the bar does not give a real indication of all the teams and their swag, but only of yours and that of the team first in the standings, with periodic updating of your general position. However, it is not enough to accumulate money to win, or rather, the best thing to do in order to win is to secure it, since by dying you lose a large part of it. How to do? there are 2 ways: the first is through the recovery balls, usable on the road but with a limited capacity. The second is through the heliports, unlockable only after obtaining a certain amount, which instead have unlimited capacity, but which will expose you much more to enemy fire since they are traceable on the map and in addition the helicopter really takes an eternity to start again. The last phase of the games will take place more or less always trying to kill the team that is in the first position, highlighted by an icon on the game map.

The technical sector

Call of duty: Warzone graphics are simply gorgeous. As we said at the beginning of the review, even just the introductory movie makes us visually realize what we should expect. Once in the air the glance is phenomenal, Verdansk is large and has considerable variety with its port and mountains in the background. On the ground, we can only confirm the goodness of what we saw from above, except for some sporadic texture not really in very high definition and the slight loading problems certainly due to these days of great traffic.

But it is precisely the net-code, net of these small problems, that makes the experience even more interesting. During our tests, it has happened very rarely that we have to deal with lag or loss of connection to the server, and it is no small feat for a title based on the robustness of the network. The games then always started within a few seconds from the launch of the command, confirming the goodness of the server, the massive presence of the players, and the connection. Among other things, the title immediately gathered a very large community.

The sound sector finally does justice to the rest and especially to the series in general. It is known that in the various Call of Duty there has always been a great deal of attention to the veracity of the environmental sound effects and weapons, and even here one can only applaud Infinity Ward. In headphones he is definitely immersive with shots in the distance, moving vehicles, breaking glass, and clearly distinguishable footsteps of enemies.

So is this the best exponent of the sub-genre? Well, it mostly depends on what will await us in the coming months. Although Infinity Ward has already stated that there will be dedicated events and collaborations, we will have to evaluate how the community will survive at the time and how the title will age. But surely, now, it’s definitely the best and most complete Battle Royale experience you can find and try.

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