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Computer, What are the basic components of the PC

Motherboard, CPU, RAM, video card, power supply, and hard disk are the main components of a computer. Here’s what their job is

Every day we use the computer to perform many actions. From work to fun. Using a PC is now quite simple. On the other hand, it is much more complex to understand how a computer works and which components are present inside it. In addition to the screen and keyboard, in fact, there is much more.


You cannot start a guide on how a computer is made without starting from the motherboard. The motherboard is, as the name implies, an integrated circuit board that acts as a link between the other components of the computer, putting them in communication. It is, therefore, the “heart” of the computer to which every other component refers. The motherboard uses a software, called BIOS (Basic Input Output System), which allows the management of all the various components installed. The BIOS software is located on a small chip installed on the motherboard.


The processor or central processing unit ( CPU or Central Processing Unit ) is a bit like the legs and arms of the device. It is used to make the computer work. The CPU coordinates the other units that process data, perform mathematical calculations and the incoming instructions from the various software installed on the machine. The CPU has the shape of a square chip, on one side it is characterized by a series of metal “pins” that are used for anchoring with the motherboard. The processor is therefore located in the motherboard and usually, there is a heatsink on it. This is to cool the CPU and avoid dangerous overheating.

power supply

The power supply is the element that allows the right amount of current to enter to make the computer work. There are several models of power supplies on the market, generally, the more stable the control of the voltage supplied, the more expensive the component. If we were to buy a power supply, it is always advisable to buy one that is not too cheap, better a model with shielded cables and different outputs.


The RAM, short for Random Access Memory, is a volatile memory that stores and retrieves data in a very short time it needs to run the PC. The more efficient and large the RAM, the better the PC will perform. However, size matters up to a certain point, the best RAM is those built by reliable and well-known brands, with low latency times and heat sinks.

Hard disk

The hard disk, or hard disk, is the magnetic element for storing files, it allows you to perform writing and reading operations. They are generally made of aluminum or glass and coated with ferromagnetic material and two heads for each disc. These are the physical places where each document is saved when we perform operations such as SAVE and SAVE AS. Their future is being jeopardized by the new solid-state drives. Each computer can have one or more hard drives, both internal and external.

Video Card

The video card is one of the fundamental components of our computer. It allows us to see even the smallest dot on our screen. Without the video card, in fact, the screen would remain black. There are integrated or external video cards. The former is integrated into the motherboard, the others are components that must be mounted inside the computer.


Other key components are peripherals. We are talking about mice, printer monitors, and keyboards. Among the most used peripherals, we also find those suitable for reading DVDs and CDs.

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