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Enough with traditional hard drives: 5 reasons to choose an SSD

If you monitor computer technology closely, of course, you know that hard drive development doesn’t stop. Manufacturers are able to “package” more and more bytes per square inch, increasing reliability by equipping devices with accelerometers. However, with the increase in HDD speed, everything is far from rosy. Check out this chart.

Enough with traditional hard drives: 5 reasons to choose an SSD

Since 1996, actual hard drive performance has increased only 1.3 times! Quite unexpectedly – after all, we all remember that before the system worked much slower, writing to disk took longer. Much has been achieved through the use of cache and the optimization of writing and reading processes. But the fact remains: with a significant increase in volumes, the performance of the HDD has slightly increased. At the same time, the “fire rate” of the processors has grown 60 times and, taking into account the use of multi-core assemblies, is 175 times.

It can be seen that the use of flash drives is only “asking”, especially in the case of applications with high requirements for random read speed. After all, the performance of modern HDDs is limited to 300 I / O operations per second (for 7200 RPM disks this value is even lower) and modern SSDs can provide up to 35,000 I / O operations (this number is true for solid-state fast servers, however, in the case of slow advantage of the SSD hundreds of times).

Solid-state drives are an excellent alternative to classic hard drives for storing our computers, let’s see why we prefer SSD.

Until recently, those who bought a computer had only one option regarding internal memory, that is, a hard disk (HDD ). For a couple of years, however, a solid-state drive (SSD) has also been available, which ensures better performance.

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the new generation “hard drives”, more similar in some ways to USB pen drives than to classic hard drives since they write on flash memories and not on a real record. For this reason, defining them as a new generation ” hard disk” is improper, because there are cells inside them and not a disk. The SSD from the time of their removal was always praised by most people for their speed and reliability. But let’s see why to choose an SSD over a hard drive.

The speed

As already mentioned, SSDs are preferable to hard drives because they allow you to load a program much faster. All this greatly increases the performance of the device. The appearance is especially noticeable during the ignition phase. Computers that use hard drives take longer to load all computer processes.


The SSD enables you to run multiple programs simultaneously without computer performance are affected. Usually with a hard drive, if you decide to start the antivirus scan and our favorite video game, you will have to wait a few minutes before the computer works at its best.

Computer battery

Computers that mount a solid-state drive generally consume less battery than those that have a classic hard drive. Furthermore, an aspect not to be underestimated, their use overheats the device less, avoiding damage and easy wear. Since the temperature is more stable, the battery will also work less. This translates into the correct functioning of the cooling system and a longer life for the fans of our PC.


SSDs, at the expense of some criticisms, are very resistant storage systems. They have no mechanical parts that can break, and above all, they are designed to resist vibrations. An aspect not to be taken aback if we use the laptop and carry it continuously with us on public transport, by train or in our car.

For gamers

If we are lovers of video games or even professional gamers, SSDs are essential to make the uploads of our favorite titles faster. The solid-state drives, as mentioned, are ideal for those games with high requirements.

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