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2 Things On Amazon To Make Money

Amazon has become your reference not only for online purchases but also for services like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music Unlimited. Now you can no longer do without it and you will always be interested in the latest developments suggested by the platform, but you recently discovered that Amazon also offers profit opportunities and now wants to explore the topic further.

Well, if that’s really the case, let me tell you that you’ve arrived at the right place at the right time!

With today’s guide, in fact, I’ll explain to you how to make money with Amazon and what are the solutions available to you. If you have a website or a page on social networks, you can decide to take advantage of the Amazon affiliations which, by inserting banners and affiliate links, allow you to receive a commission for each product purchased on Amazon through your reference code.

Alternatively, you can choose to make money by selling your products on the online shopping platform and creating your own virtual store. How do you say? Do you see the time to learn more and learn more? So let’s not waste any more time talking and let’s get right to work.

Come on, make yourself comfortable and take five minutes of free time to read the next few paragraphs. Choose the solution that you think best for your needs, read carefully the instructions I’m about to give you and try to put them into practice.

I’m sure, with a bit of luck, you will soon see the first results and your first gains with Amazon. There is nothing left for me but to wish you good reading and good luck with everything!

Make money with Amazon with affiliations

Among the first solutions to be taken into consideration to earn with Amazon, there are the affiliations, which allow you to promote the sale of products available on the online shopping platform and get a small commission for each item sold.

The profit for each individual item sold through Amazon’s affiliation system depends on the fees charged on the product category in question.

For example, selling a music CD is charged a commission of 5% on the price of the product. For more details on the commissions, go to the dedicated section on the Amazon Affiliate Program website.

As easy to understand, this solution is ideal for those who want to make money using their website or their activity on social networks: let’s see more closely how it works.

Join the affiliate program

To start earning with affiliations, you must first sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Registration is free and requires an Amazon account: If you do not have an account yet, register on the Amazon site normally.

After signing in to your Amazon account, connect to the main affiliate service page and click the Sign up now for free button, then complete the suggested registration form.

Then enter your data in the Payee name (your name and nickname), line 1 address (your address), city, state, province, region, zip code, and phone number; The beneficiary “mentioned above, otherwise, check the box next to” Someone else “, I need to enter your information and enter your data in the contact name and phone number fields and click the” Next “button to continue registration.

On your websites and mobile apps screen, point to websites, apps, and social network pages that plan to place your ads as an affiliate of Amazon by entering at least one website or social page. Then enter the URL of your site or page in the field, enter your website and press the “Add” button, point to any applications in the “Enter mobile app URLs” field and repeat the process for all your websites, social networking pages and phone apps Mobile that you intend to add, a maximum of 50 additions.

Then press the Next button to get to the next step.

Now, choose an ID to identify your affiliation (you can enter the name of your website) by typing it in the Choose your partner ID field and provide a description of your website, social page or application by writing it in the field What do your websites treat? or a mobile app ?.

Through the drop-down menus Select the main topic and Select the secondary topic, indicate the topics that best describe your websites or mobile app by choosing one of the options among Photography, Game, Books, Medicine / Health / Beauty, Site Religion / Ethnic, etc., while if the topic of your interest is not available in the list, you can click on the item Add another topic.

Then select the type of Amazon item you want to include on your websites by placing one or more checkboxes next to Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry,

Electronics, Books, Home & Garden, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, DVD, Blue-ray, Music, Games Video, IT and office, and through the drop-down menus under the heading What kinds of websites or mobile apps? , Choose one of the available options from a blog, price comparison, content site, coupon/discounts/ offers, etc.

In the Traffic and Monetization section, specify how to target traffic to your website (SEO, social network, logo, forum, email, etc.) and how to generate revenue (contextual ads, widgets, eBay affiliate program, other affiliate programs, Subscription, etc.).

Finally, answer the questions, how do you usually create links? , How many unique visitors per month receive your sites and apps? , What is the main reason you joined the Amazon affiliate program? How did you know about the program? , Enter the verification code displayed in the appropriate field and paste the required checkmark to accept the terms and conditions of service.

Finally, click the “Complete your registration” button and click on the Affiliate entry of to start creating links and logos for Amazon products to include on your website.

Create links to Amazon products

Once you have signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, then start creating links to Amazon products to insert later into your website and/or network pages.

To quickly create a link to Amazon products, enter the name of the product to search for in the Keyword or ASIN / ISBN field under Quick Links: search product on the main page of your account and presses the Go button. It then identifies the product of your interest and clicks on the down arrow icon to get the URL of the product in question including your partner ID.

If, instead, you want to create a link to a category of Amazon products, click on the Search by category item and select one of the categories visible on the left, such as Kitchen, DVD, Books, Music, Watches, Suitcases, Video Games, etc., then presses down arrow icon to copy the HTML code to insert into your website.

Alternatively, click on the item Create Product Links (above) and select the Product Link option from the menu that appears to access the link creation section that allows you to create both text links and images and text links.

In the Product Search section, enter the product name in the Keyword or ASIN / ISBN field, indicate the category in which to search for the article via the drop-down menu under Search and click on the Go button.

Then click on the Get button link to the product you are interested in and, in the new open page, choose one of the link creation options available.

  • Text and image: allows you to create a link with text and image, with the possibility of customizing colors, text, and dimensions. Furthermore, it allows you to choose whether to display the product prices or to hide them.
  • Text only: to create a text link, indicating the text to be displayed and the link destination by choosing between the Offers page and the Details page.

In both cases, after completing the customization of the link, click on the Highlight HTML button to select the HTML code that you will need to copy and insert into your website.

For your affiliations, you can also use the banners that Amazon makes available to its affiliated users.

To take advantage of this possibility, click on the item Creation link products and select the Banner option from the menu that appears, then choose the type of banner between Promotional banners (Gift vouchers and Quick banner) and Banner by category (Clothing, Books, Watches, Kindle, Music, etc.), indicates the dimensions you prefer and copy the HTML code provided.

Alternatively, you can use banners related to Amazon services, such as Amazon Prime, Prime Video and Amazon Music or one of the banners related to promotions and offers: to view the complete list of banners and choose the one best suited to your website, click on the Affiliate Promotions item and, from the menu that appears, select one of the available options from Offers and promotions, Amazon Prime, Prime Video and Amazon Music.

Finally, it will be useful to know that you can link Amazon products directly from a product page on the Amazon website. In fact, by accessing the page of the article of your interest, you can view a toolbar at the top dedicated to Amazon affiliates: click on the Text or Text + Image options to generate and copy a product link.

Enter Amazon products on your website

After creating the links of the products you are interested in, the next step is to insert the relative HTML code on your website. All you have to do is locate the page or section of the site where you want to display the products, access and paste the code copied earlier.

You must know that if you have a site created with WordPress, Amazon provides the free Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin that allows you to insert the products in the pages of your website with extreme simplicity and without creating any links as indicated in the previous paragraphs.

After installing and activating the plugin, click on the Associate’s Link Builder item in the left sidebar, select the Settings option and proceed with the plugin configuration following the instructions provided.

Once the configuration is complete, go to the page or article you want to insert the Amazon product into in the command editor under the title, you can view a new search field with the Amazon logo next to it.

Then enter the name of the product or its ASIN code in the Enter keyword field and click on the Search button, then select the products to insert (up to a maximum of 10 items) and press the Add shortcode button.

After publishing the page, you will be able to view the products previously selected with the layout chosen during configuration.

If, on the other hand, you want to use affiliations on social networks, you can do it by creating a simple link as described in the previous paragraphs and publishing it on your Facebook page or on your Twitter profile.

I advise you to “shorten” the links by relying on services like Bitly.

Monitor clicks, sales, and commissions

After entering the first affiliations on your website, you can track clicks, sales, and commissions through the Amazon Affiliation Center.

Then connect to the Amazon Affiliate Program site and log in to your account, then scroll down the main page until you find the Overview of earnings and Summary for this month sections.

Through the graph displayed, you can monitor the status of clicks on the links inserted, the products that have been ordered and purchased and your earnings in the last 30 days.

Then click on the View full report item (on the right) or on the Report option in the top menu to view the data in detail, with the possibility of also knowing the type of items purchased through the links on your website.

Video explaining amazon affiliation

Earn with Amazon with sales

Activating a seller account and selling new or used products is another valid solution to make money with Amazon. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a free plan with a monthly sales and commission limit for each product sold or a subscription plan dedicated to professional sellers.

Create a merchant account

As mentioned above, to sell your products on Amazon, you must first create a merchant account.

Connect, therefore, to the Amazon site, pause with the mouse pointer on the Account and lists item at the top right and press the Login button to log in to your account.

Now, click on the entry Accounts and lists, select the option My Account from the menu that appears and, in the newly opened page, find the section Other accounts.

Click, therefore, on the item Sell on Amazon to connect to the platform dedicated to Amazon sellers and presses the button Start using the free trial of a month to create your seller account.

Enter, now, your data in the Country of citizenship, Country of birth, Date of birth fields, indicate your identity document choosing between Passport and Identity Card and enter the data in the Number and Expiration date fields.

Then type your phone number in the Mobile number field and proceed with verifying your identity by choosing the mode you prefer between the options Call me and send me an SMS.

To receive the phone call or the message containing the verification code, click on the Call me now or send me an SMS now button, then enter the code received in the PIN field for one-time use and presses the Check and Save buttons.

On the next screen, set the payment method by entering your credit card details in the Card number, Expiry date and Name of the credit card holder, then verify that the billing address displayed is correct and click on the Save button.

Now, choose a name to give to your online store, enter it in the Enter your store name field and press the Start publishing offers button, then press the Activate two-step verification button to activate two-factor authentication and conclude the registration.

Then select the option Telephone number to receive the access code via SMS / phone call or Authentication app to generate an access code to your Amazon account through an authentication app (for example Google Authenticator).

Once registration is complete, you have created your account with a Pro plan, which applies commissions for each sale that vary by product category, plus 1.01 euros as a management fee. It has a cost of 39 euros/year with the first 30 days in the free trial.

I advise you to deactivate the automatic renewal immediately by switching to a free Basic plan, which instead applies a fixed closing commission of EUR 0.99, a reporting commission that varies by product category and a management fee.

To deactivate automatic renewal, click on the Settings item at the top, select the option Account settings from the menu that opens and click on the Manage item next to the Manage your services option.

Then press the buttons Change sales plan and Proceed and the game is done.

Put a product for sale

To start viewing your products on Amazon, log in to your merchant account, click on the Catalog option and select the item Add product from the menu that appears. In the new open page, presses the Start button to view a tutorial on how to put products on sale, otherwise scroll down the page and locate the item Add a new product.

If the article you intend to sell is a common product, enter its name in the Product Title, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN field and click the Search button to check its presence on Amazon.

If the search results include the article you intend to sell, press the Put on sale button, enter the information requested in the Quantity, Conditions and Price fields and click on the Save button and complete to publish the advertisement.

If, on the other hand, the search has not matched your product, click on the option Create a new offer below the search field to create a new listing. First, indicate the category of your item by selecting one of the available options from Clothing, Beauty, Electronics, DIY, Books, Shoes and Bags, Software, etc., then select any sub-categories and click the Select button to access the creation inset.

On the new open page, enter the product information, which varies according to the product category indicated. For example, if you are selling a piece of clothing, you will need to indicate information such as Brand, Color, Size, Material Composition and External Material.

Complete the listing by pressing the Offer tab and enter Price, Quantity, and Condition, then select the Images tab to upload the images of the product you are selling. To finish and publish your listing, click on the Save and complete button and you’re done.

Sell books on the Kindle Store

You must know that if your intention is to earn by selling your books, in addition to following the instructions I gave you in the previous paragraphs, you can rely on Kindle Direct Publishing (or KDP), Amazon’s platform that allows you to publish the works of which you own the rights on the Kindle Store.

Then connect to the main KDP page and click on the Login button to log in with the same credentials you usually use to connect to your Amazon account.

At the first access on Kindle Direct Publishing, presses the Accept button to accept the terms and conditions of the service, then click on the Update button under the heading Account information is not complete and proceed with entering your data personal data, your current account information and your tax information.

To complete the creation of your KDP account, access the Questionnaire on tax information, verify that the data shown is correct and enter the missing information, then press the Exit questionnaire button to send Amazon your tax information.

Now you are ready to publish your first KDP book.

Then click on the Library item at the top and choose the type of book to be published by pressing one of the options available between Kindle eBooks to upload a digital book or on the Paper version option to insert a book in paper format. In the new open page, enter your book information in the Language, Title, Subtitle, Author and main contributor (indicating your name and surname) and Description fields, and then specify the book publishing rights and click the Set Category button to indicate the categories.

In the next step, proceed with loading the book by pressing the Upload text eBook button or the Upload paper manuscript button, then choose whether to load a ready-to-use cover or create one on the spot by clicking on the Start cover creation button, then presses on button Starts the preview tool to view the final result and any printing errors to be corrected.

Finally, indicate the Territories for which you have distribution rights, select a Royalty plan (the percentage of earnings on the sale price), specify the Main Market on which to sell your book and enter the price in the List Price field. To publish your book, click on the Publish your Kindle eBook button and you’re done.

Video explaining the kindle publishing

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