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Instagram, here’s all you need to know to make money online with Instagram 2020

In recent years, Instagram has become fashionable, so anyone hoping to make money online with Instagram is not slow to reach.

“How can I make money online with Instagram? Is it easy to do that? What kind of profits can I expect?”

… these are the most common questions when it comes to making money online with Instagram. So, let’s start from the beginning. Instagram is a network of photos. This means that it depends on the circulation of the photographs.

Therefore, an Instagram user tries to create his or her follower base (that is, people who follow him) by periodically publishing images, where followers can provide feedback. Obviously, those who publish photos can respond and interact with their followers.

Having taken this necessary hypothesis, only after having had a fixed number of followers (or, as Instagram calls them, influential), you can finally move on to the monetization phase!

In practice, before thinking about how to raise funds through Instagram, you will need at least several thousand enthusiastic followers to follow your updates. Otherwise, it’s like owning a car and trying to make a long journey without having enough gas.

At this point, it is very likely that you will be wondering: “Ok, all very nice. But how do I get an army of enthusiastic followers to follow me ??? ”

Simple simple answer: giving you to do and doing the things that ALL the greats who are on Instagram have done, including those that are now the most popular and noble. In practice there is to work and to do, in a regular way, the following actions:

  • First of all, you need to fill out your bio with as much information as possible. You need to waste time. Also a lot! Enter who you are, what you do, your contact information, keywords and even 2-3 hashtag so that you can be found more easily by your potential followers. Possibly, try to be an original and captivating minimum even at this stage …
  • Focus on a specific topic to be treated and not talking about this and that. This may seem trivial, but on the contrary, it is one of the most important tips in this article!
  • You must regularly post at least one photo a day and I recommend that it be of good quality. If you need to post a bad image just to update your status, then DON’T post it! Tip: it is much better to post only one image a day, but regularly, rather than 10 in a day and then disappear for a week at a time.
  •  Use the fashionable hashtag, so as to increase the possibility that your images become popular and more shared.
  •  Interact with your followers and create a relationship with them. I don’t always say, but at least every once in a while you respond and interact with those who comment on your images. In this way, you will increase the interaction with your followers, who will be more willing to follow you and share what you post.
  •  It also uses other social networks in a professional manner, so as to increase the involvement of old and new followers as much as possible. Even having your own blog can be very useful, to better spread your content.

These simple tips should facilitate the development of your business and differentiate yourself, therefore, from those who publish from time to time without purely commercial purposes.

Now let’s see what are the most popular methods to make money online with Instagram. Here below you can find those that currently are the 6 most used methods of earning.


The simplest thing to do is to sell goods online, like normal e-commerce, by publishing product images and associating each image with a link that allows you to insert the respective product in an online shopping cart.

Obviously what has just been said is possible if you already have e-commerce of yours or off-line business.

Note: if you sell very special goods, which render extremely well in photography (ceramics, artisanal products, artistic compositions, etc. come to mind), then you could photograph them and use Instagram as a kind of real online advertising showcase.


If you do not have an e-commerce or offline business, you can use affiliations. The affiliation system has already been used for many years to make money online.

Having said that, in this case, you will have to publish the image of the product you want to sell but instead of inserting the link that allows you to insert this product into a virtual e-commerce cart, you will enter the affiliate code that will allow you to earn a cash commission, in which case the user will buy the product you “sponsor”.


A middle ground, between selling with Instagram selling products and with affiliations, lies in the system of earning online with Instagram using the dropshipping system.

In this case, enter the image of the products and sell them as if you had e-commerce of yours, only that you do not own the goods in person but you will go to turn over the order to the drop shipper, who will then physically send the goods to the customers.


Being a photographic social network, obviously, Instagram is ideal for putting up an online business selling images such as photographs, drawings, logos and anything else based on the exploitation of images.

Images and digital creations that you will then sell through e-commerce or by linking one of the many platforms that allow you to sell photographs, through a direct link to your creation.


If you have a high number of influencers, you can use them to advertise brands by making you pay for the advertising change! In short, you can do what television, newspapers, and magazines do to make money.

Obviously this presupposes that you have a very broad base of followers, who follow you with enthusiasm and are then ready to incorporate most of your advice.

It goes without saying that you will have to succeed in snatching up good commercial agreements with the companies you want to sponsor. Companies which, of course, must be relevant to what you put in your profile (it is useless to sponsor sports products if, for example, you are in the kitchen).


To really earn with Instagram, that is, I mean to earn enough to be able to say that you have your own business, and not just some sporadic change, your name or profile must become a real brand.

To do this it is necessary to use a whole series of techniques, which allow you to be perceived as a real point of reference in your specific sector. Below is a list of tips, which you can use to make your Instagram profile more professional:


Your potential earnings are proportional to the number of active followers that you can entertain on your profile. For active followers, I mean that they are followers who daily or almost, at least weekly at least, actively interact with you.

So buying 10,000 followers from Indian sites for $ 30 is useless! No fake profile will ever buy anything from you, nor will anyone pay you to sponsor something that is fake …

In short, you have to find a way to accumulate real followers, in the flesh, actively interested in what you do.

Once you get them you have to keep them with a constant presence and an active interaction with them to make them feel, in turn, considered and followed.

If you want to live earning online with Instagram, then you must have no less than 5,000 active followers if you have a profile that is particularly focused on a very specific and profitable product niche, otherwise no less than 10,000 active followers for more generic sectors.


Precise data in this regard do not exist because, in fact, much depends on the subject, the number of followers, the wealth of the sector in which it operates, the fame (even externally) to the world of social networks of people who have the profile, etc. Just to make clear examples:

  • The fashion sector is much richer than the regional kitchen sector. This means that, for an equal number of followers, a fashion brand can pay a lot for an advertising spot.
  • If the owner of the profile is also famous offline, for example, a model, a footballer, an actor and things of this type, for the same followers he will gain much more because he has much more influence on the users than the same number of followers of a guy who is known only online.

The other day I learned that a girl with 100,000 followers, in the makeup and make-up sector, manages to earn about 800 euros for each photo she publishes on commission. That is, when manufacturers of make-up or similar products commission an advertising image to be published on their profile, they pay up to 800 euros.

Obviously a social network like Instagram is suitable, above all, for those activities that render well with images. Ok, the cooking recipes, the fashion, the exotic trips and things like this. Much more difficult is to talk about finance or all those abstract topics, which cannot be easily represented with a photoshoot …

For this reason, it is advisable, if you want to make money online with Instagram, to associate your Instagram profile with a blog, a Facebook profile and a YouTube channel, with which you can then also communicate with words and videos …

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