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How to make money online legally 2020

How to make money online legally 2020

Is it possible to earn money on the web? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and today I have decided to give an answer.

I hope exhaustive. Let’s start by saying that yes, making money on the Web is possible but, carefully, the mechanics of the Net are not so different from those of the so-called real world.

Even on the Internet, in fact, there are “jobs” available to everyone, which allow you to supplement your salary (for those who are lucky enough to have one!) And more solid businesses, which ensure higher revenues but require months, if not years, of sacrifices and study … without forgetting the healthy dose of luck that all the start-up companies need!

Today I would like to deal with both these types of activities, trying to provide you with valid ideas on how to make money on the Internet legally without falling victim to fraudulent circuits or sites of dubious fame.

If you are satisfied with earning a few tens of dollars, even sometimes and/or in your spare time, you will certainly find a way to do this, such as selling used materials or participating in paid surveys. So, on the other hand, if you intend to exploit the web to create a real business, it gets more complicated, or more complicated! The results you will be able to achieve will depend primarily on your desire to do it, the degree of readiness in the sector in which you decide to work and how you will be able to promote your initiative.

So, are you ready to face this challenge? Yup? Very well! Make yourself comfortable, take the time to evaluate the various revenue opportunities offered by the Web and then try to implement the “tips” I will give you to try to understand how to make money on the Internet. Even if, as I told you before, I can’t guarantee high earnings thanks to the online activities listed below, trying does not cost anything! I wish you good reading and I wish you all a big good luck!

Making money on the Internet legally earning small amounts

If you want to make money on the Internet legally and are content to earn small amounts of money, you can consider various opportunities, including selling used items on online ad sites, writing articles and taking surveys. We analyze all these opportunities in detail.

Sell used items


If you do not have professional aspirations and just want to raise some money, you can sell used items (such as books, games, mobile phones, etc.) on one of the many ad or auction services available online: here are some that might be for you.

  • Subito, Kijiji, and Shpock – these are some of the most famous online ad portals. All three allow you to sell items by posting for free but, if you want, you can promote your ads to increase visibility by paying. If you want to learn more about it, read the guide where I talk about it in more detail.
  • Etsy – if you are good at creating handmade objects, you can try to “place them” on this platform, which has become a real point of reference for the sale of small craft items. The opening of a shop on Etsy is free: you must pay, however, a fixed commission of 0.17 euros for each advertisement published, plus a commission on the final value of 5% (shipping costs excluded), if the sale goes to a successful conclusion, to which we must also add a commission of 4% + € 0.30 for payment management. For more information on selling on Etsy, read the guide I just linked to.
  • eBay – the world-famous online auction portal is one of the best solutions for selling used items. It allows you to publish the ads for free, but when sales are successful, you must pay a 10% commission on the final sale (excluding shipping costs). If you want more information on how to sell on eBay, take a look at the guide I linked to you.
  • Autoscout24 – If you have to sell your car or bike, you can turn to this famously used car portal. Autoscout24 does not provide for fixed expenses, nor commissions on published ads.

Write articles


Would you like to turn your writing hobby into a revenue opportunity? You can do this by subscribing to a marketplace of editorial content: one of those sites that allow you to write articles on commission, thanks to which you can more easily sell articles, guides, tutorials, video transcripts, and other written content.

One of the most famous marketplaces you can turn to for this purpose is MelaScrivi, an online platform that has been a meeting point for freelance companies and authors for several years.

Since the registration to Melascrivi is free and since it is possible to write articles for multiple issues, why not try to make money from the comfort of your home by taking advantage of your passion for writing?

As for the earnings for each article, Melascrivi allows you to earn based on the quality of the written content, their length and the experience accumulated over time. It starts from 0.008 euro/word for those who start with the 1-star quality/experience level and get up to 1.5 euro/word for those who reach the 4-star level.

To this must be added the commission of 0.70 euros for each article requested. Payments are then made upon reaching the minimum threshold of 25 euros and are paid through PayPal.

If you want more information on how to write to MelaScrivi, take a look at the FAQ section of the site’s authors.

Do small jobs for a commission

Doing small jobs on commission is another source of online income that can allow you to earn small amounts, perhaps by taking advantage of your spare time.

You can propose yourself to perform multiple types of work, based on your skills: repairing objects, repeating, dog-sitting, making translations and so on.

To search for new jobs on commission, you can try searching on sites to look for jobs (such as Monster and JobRapido), or you can post ads on the ad sites I mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, such as Subito .it or Kijiji…

If you don’t want to get too busy, maybe because you already have a full-time job that takes up a big chunk of your time, you can try to collect small amounts to invest in your hobbies by taking part in paid surveys.

Again, you can turn to multiple online portals, such as Global Test Market or American Consumer Opinion.

Making money on the Internet legally working

If you plan to work on the Internet to make more substantial profits, you have to opt for other solutions: among these, there is the opening of an online store, the creation of a successful website/blog or the opening of a channel YouTube.

Open an online store

If you want to “seriously” with the online business world, you can try to open an online store.

Furthermore, if you already have a physical store, opening an online store can allow you to expand your business and reach customers you might not otherwise “grab”.

In opening an online store, you can opt for three different solutions.

  • Ecommerce services ready for use – there are online services that allow you to open eCommerce sites in just a few clicks without writing a single line of code or dealing with complicated configurations. One of these is Blomming, which allows you to create an online store with prices starting from 9.99 euros/month (although to have a customized domain and sell an unlimited number of items you need to pay 24.99 euros/month).
  • CMS (Content Management System) – the most professional way to open an e-commerce site is to buy a Web domain, an online space and install a CMS on it. A CMS is a kind of software that allows managing the contents of the site and the objects present in the catalog of the store in an extremely flexible way. There are so many to choose from WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, etc. This type of solution is suitable for those who are fairly good at IT or have the necessary budget to rely on industry professionals to start up their online business.
  • Storefronts on existing stores – Amazon and eBay offer professional sellers the opportunity to open an online storefront and sell items on their pages. This is the ideal solution for those who already have a physical store and want to expand their online activities without getting involved in managing an independent store.

Do you think you have the right ideas and skills to open a successful blog or website?

In this case, know that to turn web space into a stable and satisfactory source of income, you have to take a hard way … so arduous!

Advertising (which is usually the main source of income for a publishing company) is no longer paid as it did a few years ago, and the blogging market is somewhat saturated, so it’s hard to show.

However, if you want to “seriously” suggest that you leave them free platforms (such as Blogspot, or Altervista) and move forward in a more professional way.

Buy a domain on the Internet, connect it to an online space that suits your traffic needs and forecasts and create a website/blog using a special CMS.

To get a more accurate idea of ​​the steps to be taken, subscribe to this blog to be updated and we will explain all these points clearly.

What are the monetization opportunities available for those who open a blog or website? Basically they are advertising and affiliations with third-party companies. Let me talk about it in more detail.

  • Banner advertising – one of the main ways to monetize the contents of sites and blogs is to publish banner ads on them. In this case, the revenues will come from the number of unique visitors who will go to your webspace: the more visitors there are, the more revenue will be. To place banners on your website, you can rely on services like Google AdSense.
  • Affiliate marketing services – You can also earn online by participating in affiliate marketing programs. What is this? I’ll tell you right away. Some large companies, such as Amazon and Apple, allow you to create supported links and earn small percentages on articles and / or digital content purchased through them (if this happens over a longer or shorter period).

If you want to read how to make money on a site, read the guide you just linked. I also advise you to buy Options Trading 2019, a book with advice on the tools to create an online business.

Or a book The 21 Day Boss: Learn How to Start An Online Business, Create More Wealth & Make Your Money Work for You.

Open a YouTube channel


Opening a YouTube channel can be another important revenue opportunity.

Thanks to the affiliate networks and the YouTube Partner Program (which you can participate in once you have reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months), you can even earn considerable amounts.

In this case, however, the speech I made to you in the previous chapter holds: in order to obtain noteworthy gains, you need to have a YouTube channel with many subscribers and, above all, with many views (given that a large portion of the revenues comes from advertising ).

Develop applications


Given the growing demand for developers, and an excellent revenue opportunity can be derived from application development.

If you already have skills in using the main programming languages, all you have to do is use them to your advantage. To find new jobs for your care, you can visit the sites to find a job I told you in this directory (like Monster and Job Rapido).

Finally, we will gradually discuss the publication of lessons in this field How to make money on the Internet legally. Good luck!

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