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Namecheap, Hosting Features 2020

Namecheap hosting is a website hosting and domain reservation company, one of the companies that have proven its development and success in the field of hosting small and medium sites, and if it is not among the sites, it is also one of the companies that provide good services at cheap prices and was classified among the cheapest web hosting companies.

This review has compiled the advantages and disadvantages of NeemShip hosting and why some users prefer to purchase Namecheap hosting, so come with us we watch a hosting review and Namecheap explanation in detail in the following lines.

Hosting Namecheap at a glance

Namecheap hosting was founded in the state of Arizona in the United States of America in the year 2000, although it was not two decades since the founding of the Namecheap site it has achieved great success in providing the cheapest domain and hosting sites and has been accredited by ICANN and was ranked at the end of 2018 as one of the fastest-growing hosting companies.

The reasons for its rapid growth are due to its constant endeavor to satisfy the customer and provide its services at the best prices such as the best VPS server, full servers, and important services for websites and WordPress, in addition to providing security and privacy for its customers.

Namecheap explanation:

Namecheap hosting offers 3 shared hosting packages and 3 WordPress hosting packages as shown in this image:

Namecheap, Hosting Features 2020

Namecheap, Hosting Features 2020

Advantages of Namecheap

Namecheap hosting is very cheap

Namecheap is considered the best very cheap hosting as the shared hosting price starts from $ 1.32 monthly and WordPress hosting starts at $ 0.01 in the first month as shown on the company website from here.

C Panel

One of the most important advantages offered by Namecheap hosting is the use of the C panel. If you are a beginner in the field, then through the CPanel you can control the site as easily as the professionals, as it is characterized by simplicity, ease of use and support.

Namecheap, Hosting Features 2020

You can also install WordPress on your website with this hosting with ease.

Storage spaces

Namecheap hosting uses SSD storage space, and the use of hard disk SSD type is due to its speed in reading, displaying and transferring the data that is stored.

Hosting more than one website

Namecheap hosting offers to host more than one website even in the lowest package where you can upload 3 sites and run them on the lowest package and the rest of the packages allow you to raise an endless number of sites.

Choose the location of the data center

One of the great advantages of hosting a Namecheap is the ability to choose the country of the Data Center, where you can choose between America (free) or Britain (adding $ 12 annually) and it is considered an important addition in Namecheap hosting.

Namecheap, Hosting Features 2020

Namecheap hosting offers unlimited bandwidth

The importance of this feature is due to ensuring the presence of visits to the site in large numbers without stopping the appearance of the site when the monthly bundle of the bandwidth offered by other companies is stopped. In hosting companies that make a specific limit for the data transfer rate when it ends, the site data is hidden until the beginning of the new month To get the specified bandwidth every month.
This feature is useful for more webmasters with many visits every day.

Build the site for free

In the absence of a website, Namecheap hosting provides a free website creation service from the start for free without any other costs for the package chosen.

Free Transfer

In the event that you already have your site hosted by another company and want to change hosting, it is transferred free of charge from the company’s previous servers to the Namecheap servers without paying any additional expenses with the hosting.

Namecheap free domain

Namecheap hosting offers free domain when purchasing hosting and from the features that you provide with the domain and protect domain information such as the domain owner’s name and the date of his subscription renewal, which ensures more security for the user. And it still offers a domain purchase of $ 1

Free SSL certificate

To support the site from search engines, the site needs to obtain an SSL certificate, and some hosting companies provide it for a fee in addition to the value of hosting, but one of the advantages of Namecheap is the installation of SSL for free with hosting.

Refunds with Namecheap hosting

You can try Namecheap hosting service, and in case you don’t like the service, you can get your money back within 30 days of the service experience, which guarantees your money, knowing that 30 days is sufficient and appropriate to try the service.

Technical support service

One of the advantages that must be available in the hosting companies that you want to contract with is the presence of technical support to solve any problem facing the customer. And this hosting provided technical support through Live Chat on its website in addition to the Help desk system on its website with the most important questions and problems facing the customer and the solution of these problems.

Uptime hosting stability

Namecheap hosting is characterized by its stability rate of 100%, and it is one of the most important advantages of Namecheap over its competitors who have less stability of hosting, it guarantees the continued operation of the site and does not suffer from any malfunction. kdl ADF

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