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Explain 10 advantages of hosting iPage

Today we complete an explanation about purchasing hosting from different hosting companies and our appointment today with the famous iPage company. I will explain how to purchase iPage hosting in detail and explain the features and details of the iPage hosting plan so that you can determine whether it is suitable for your site or project.

IPage is one of the most popular web hosting companies. The reason for this is that hosting prices have dropped dramatically, which is why many are buying iPage hosting.

In this article, I will present the most important advantages and disadvantages of iPage, as hosting ranks as one of the top 10 foreign hosting companies according to the opinion of more than 92% of those who dealt with them at the beginning of their business. Plus, you will receive an iPage coupon.

IPage hosting

IPage offers only one unlimited shared hosting plan. That is, the file storage space on hosting is unlimited. Bandwidth is also unlimited, and the number of databases that can be created and the number of email accounts you can create with your domain’s domain is not limited to a certain number.

Explain 10 advantages of hosting iPage

In addition, iPage hosting gives you the ability to host more than two domains on the same hosting account. That is, you can create an unlimited number of sites on the same hosting plan without having to purchase another hosting plan and without paying any additional costs as well. All you need is to buy a new domain, whether from iPage or something else and link it to hosting from the control panel.

IPage in short

In 2018, IPage hosting celebrated 20 years since the actual operation of the servers

  • It actually started in 1998
  • It hosts over a million websites
  • It has 2 data centers around the world

It operates under the management of the global (EIG) company that owns more than 150 hosting companies.

Ipage hosting features

It has been 22 years since Ipage was the only one that has been able to strike a balance between offering the cheapest web hosting with important features that you can read on the following points.

Unlimited hosting offer unlimited

IPage hosting offers one hosting package within shared hosting, unlike WordPress hosting, which provides two different packages, the most important here is that the offer in each period is added to the advantages and nothing missing from it, so the company made it an unlimited offer.

Ipage hosting also offers a Reseller hosting service and customized packages for VPS hosting

Run more than one site on the same account

Ipage hosting offers unlimited hosting at many important points, including raising and running an unlimited number of sites on one account and running more than one database at the same time. It is really great for those looking for very cheap hosting.

Create a free website from iPage

After purchasing ipage hosting, you can create a free website from within the hosting control panel by:

  • Create a website Drag & Drop
  • Choose a ready template and write your data on it
  • Installing a WordPress site in less than a minute
  • Create an online store and connect with PayPal Bank

Advertising and marketing coupons

When you buy an ipage hosting, you will get great features that help you in marketing your site and advertising it on the Internet, knowing that all these methods are obtained for free after purchasing an Ipage hosting:

Google AdWords advertising coupon

You will also receive a $ 100 Google Adwords Coupon to advertise your site and win new customers.

Bing Advertising Bing Coupon

A coupon of $ 100 USD is also available to create ads in the Bing search engine for multiple marketing channels for your site.

Add your work in the Yellow Pages directory

If you are a business owner and services then this point will be the most important for you and is adding your business information in the Yellow Pages directory one of the most famous business directories in the world which increases the marketing channels and adds to your site strength within the search engines. This point is only available on Ipage.

Free e-marketing education

Ipage hosting has dedicated an important reference for all website owners to learn the most important electronic marketing methods for marketing and advertising websites and has made this reference guide available for free to all customers, knowing that it updates the information according to the updates that are touched on modern marketing science so that the customer gets modern and not consumed information.

An American phone number for your site

Get an American number in one minute If your site is directed to users in America, you can get an American phone number One toll-free phone number to receive calls to it. This option is only available to US residents.

Technical support from iPage

For more convenience and convenience on hosting clients, IPage provided the best technical support systems.

  • Written chat, which was one of the first companies to offer this kind of support
  • A technical support phone number is available 24/7
  • Detailed explanations of how to deal with hosting and solve the most common problems.

VDeck Control Panel

I-Beige uses a vDeck-type control panel like the one used to host Fatcow completely, and do not worry about the control panel as it is smooth and easy to use whatever your experiences, you will not find it difficult to deal with it on personal experience.

Ipage coupon

Because it is a great hosting and everyone is looking for. We provided the ipage coupon. This coupon saves you 75% of the iPage hosting value and you get it for free in addition to obtaining free domain when booking the ipage hosting.

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