US troops abandon the capital to the Taliban, amidst rockets and fear of new attacks. The 20 years of the United States in Afghanistan end

The last US planes left Kabul airport, ending 20 years of war, the longest in American history. The Pentagon announces this, admitting, however, that the US has not been able to evacuate all the people it would have liked. In Afghanistan there is not a single American soldier left, all have left the country, assured General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the US central command, explaining the closure of the mission one day before the deadline announced with the fact that in the country it is already the August 31.

Analysts, however, explain that the last US troops left Kabul by surprise tonight, one day earlier than the deadline set for August 31, for fear of new attacks by ISIS-K jihadists, with the alarms launched to the last by the Pentagon, which still today had spoken of "real" and "specific" threats of other terrorist attacks.

In the chaotic last hours of the retreat, ISIS rockets rained down on the capital's Karzai airport. The jihadists of the Islamic State had claimed responsibility for the launch of "six Katyusha rockets" which wanted to make another massacre after the kamikaze attack that killed over 170 people in front of the airport gates on 26 August.

General McKenzie: "The cost was 2,461 US military and civilians killed"

"Tonight's withdrawal means both the end of the evacuation of military material and the end of nearly 20 years of mission that began in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11," McKenzie said. "It is a mission that brought Osama bin Laden to justice along with many al-Qaida co-conspirators," he continued. "The cost was 2,461 American soldiers and civilians killed and over 20,000 injured, including unfortunately the 13 Marines killed by a suicide bomber last week", he added, specifying that the last to leave Afghan soil are were the ambassador and a general.

The Taliban: "Our country has achieved complete independence"

"Tonight at midnight precisely the last American soldiers left the airport of Kabul and our country has won complete independence. Praise God": said the spokesman of the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, commenting on the departure of the last USA plane.

Anas Haqqani: "We made history"

Shots across the city of Kabul were heard to celebrate the departure of the latest flights. This was reported by the Associated Press and France Presse. The shots came in particular from the main Taliban checkpoints, while shouts of jubilation rose from positions in the former green zone. "We made history": so Anas Haqqani, a senior leader of the Taliban militias.

The UN: "A wider crisis has just begun"

Meanwhile, the concerns of the United Nations turn to the future. Because "a wider crisis has just begun" for the country's 39 million inhabitants, warned Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The appeal is for the support of the population, on their knees two weeks after the return of the Islamic Emirate.

US completes Afghanistan withdrawal as final flight leaves Kabul


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