Migrants: Canary Islands

Migrants: There are 26 survivors. pregnant woman dies

The latest tragedy confirmed by the Spanish authorities on the migration route between West Africa and the Canary Islands caused at least 29 deaths, including 7 children, among the 55 people who had started the trip.

This is supported by the NGO Caminando Fronteras, which specialized in interventions in this area, after having collected the testimonies of the survivors - who were seen adrift on the high seas last Thursday and rescued in successive hours - and based on official data.

According to Helena Maleno, a spokeswoman for the NGO, the migrants had spent 12 days at sea.

Four bodies were found onboard the makeshift boat they were traveling on. As reported by the Canary Islands Emergency Service, after the arrival of the survivors to port on Saturday, a woman who was alive when the rescue arrived died after a cardiac arrest.

According to the Spanish press, the victim was pregnant.

At least 289 migrants landed in the Canary Islands since Saturday, according to data released by the regional emergency service.

The last landings took place on Sunday night in Gran Canaria.

Some of the boats that arrived over the weekend disembarked without intervention from the authorities, while others needed to be rescued at sea.

Among the migrants who arrived on Saturday were also the 27 survivors of a particularly dramatic journey: they were spotted adrift more than 500 miles from the Canary Islands, aboard a boat in which there were also four bodies. Of these 27 people, one died when arriving at the port of Gran Canaria. According to the survivors, they had spent more than 10 days at sea.

According to the latest data from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, dating back to August 15, at least 8,222 people have already disembarked in the Canary Islands this year, 144.4% more than in the same period of 2020.


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