More and more children are struggling to concentrate. Once school age is reached, this can become a problem. Many parents, therefore, wonder what they can do to help their little ones. A solution suitable for children of all ages is represented by concentration games.

Concentration games - to better encourage children

According to experts, a healthy and varied diet, lots of exercises, and life in the open air are the basis of high concentration ability. To be able to count on all the energy you need, you must also have a nutritious breakfast rich in vitamins. It is therefore good that children never skip this or the other main meals of the day. However, the studies conducted so far also show the importance of starting in time to train the cognitive control mechanisms that allow you to concentrate and reflect.

The main mechanisms of cognitive control are mental adaptation, self-control, and working memory. No less important is the ability to solve problems, plan foresight and think logically. Researchers believe that these skills - also known as 'executive functions' (FE) - need to be developed early in order to be successful in school and career. One possibility in this sense is given by concentration games - both analog and digital - for children from the third year of life.

The importance of concentration games for children from the age of three

For the development of the child, play is so important that it is now the object of study in a separate branch of research: the science of play. According to what has been ascertained so far, the urge to play is innate. In this regard, a distinction must be made between non-targeted play and targeted play. The latter category includes concentration games for children and teenagers.


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