Sports in 2021, the major international tournaments represent the biggest opportunity for fans to celebrate their teams and stars, but this opportunity did not happen in 2020 due to the Coronavirus.

The Olympic torch was circling the globe from Greece to the rest of the world as a sign of the transfer of principles and ideas of the Games from the cradle of the Olympiad to the rest of the world.

This habit stopped in 2020, the year in which the Tokyo Olympics were expected to be held, but it was postponed due to the prevention of gatherings and celebrations to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus.

Sports and torch 2021

Last December, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee revealed that the Olympic torch will begin its journey on March 25th, indicating that the torch relay will include the provinces that were struck by a terrible earthquake in 2011.

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And if the ceremony will not take place as usual due to the second wave of the Coronavirus, but in the end, it will bring the Olympic torch back to life.

No new closing

The Premier League, in an official statement, denied any possibility to stop the Premiership, at the present time, due to the repercussions of the Coronavirus and the spread of the second wave.

The report confirmed that there is no intention to conduct what happened in 2020 this year, when the competition stopped from March to July for a period of 100 days, for the first time in the history of sports.

Although British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a complete closure and called on the fans to abide by homes, this did not have a direct impact on football matches as it did 10 months ago.

Continental championships

The year 2021 will also witness the establishment of two major tournaments that have been postponed in 2020, namely the European Nations Cup and the Copa America, which were postponed due to the spread of Covid 19.

These two championships, and with them the Tokyo Olympics, will be a public opportunity to celebrate this year, and the evidence is the mass celebrations that occurred earlier in 2020, despite the rules of divergence to limit the spread of covid.

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The British press confirmed this, explaining that sports will continue to be played normally, including football and rugby tournaments, but with the continued lack of public attendance.

Sports fans of Liverpool swarmed the streets last July to celebrate the first English Premier League title since 1990, and Napoli fans who love sports repeated the same thing last November, but for a reason other than the celebration, which is to lament the late Argentine legend Diego. Armando Maradona, who passed away at the age of sixty.

Barcelona sports fans came out last August to invite Argentina captain Lionel Messi to stay at the Camp Nou after he asked the club's management to officially leave.

The question remains: Will the official celebrations of the best awards in the world and the Golden Ball return at the end of 2021, or will the closure procedures continue for the second year in a row in the world of sports?


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