Samsung smartphones for 2021, It is undeniable that the best Samsung smartphones are among the best known and most popular models, along with the Apple iPhones.

For some people, Samsung and Android are basically the same things, and even if it is not exactly an exact statement, it is useful to understand the consumer's point of view: the Korean company has managed to break into the hearts of its user's thanks to an innovation policy that year after year has made its models more mature, efficient and adapted to the needs of the general public.

It is one of the companies that has pushed the most into the smartphone world in recent years and that has created a large following of fans because it has always placed on the market a wide choice of products for any price range, often of excellent quality and also equipped with of displays and cameras above average, remaining active in all market segments and dedicating particular attention to the medium range, with the Galaxy A family that often proposed interesting technical innovations, as well as that of the top of the range such as Galaxy S21.

In the last few years, Samsung has also distinguished itself in the entire smartphone landscape for the important investment in folding smartphones: Galaxy Fold was the first folding to really arrive in the consumer market and will go down in history as the progenitor of a whole new range of devices. Over time, Samsung has created an entire ecosystem, which not only includes smartphones but which also ranges widely on software, with the One UI interface, recently renewed compared to TouchWiz and with the proprietary store Galaxy Apps, as well as with a whole series of accessories both specifically dedicated to its phones, audio or video, such as the Galaxy Buds true wireless headphones family and its wearables led by the Galaxy Watch.

Although the choice of a smartphone is made on the basis of personal preferences, previous experiences, and available budget, it is objective that Samsung is considered one of the best brands on the market. It is not uncommon that when you decide to buy a new smartphone, you find yourself considering, among others, one or more models of the company.

At the beginning of 2021, our ranking was upset again, because the arrival of the Galaxy S21 series caused a bit of an earthquake, causing several outdated models to leave the scene, despite the excellent value for money.

The new range of the renewed Galaxy S series consists of the cheaper Galaxy S21, the larger but very similar model Galaxy S21 Plus (which will soon be included in the ranking), and the top of the range Galaxy S21 Ultra which is not only the largest of the series but is significantly better in construction, equipment, and features.

Among the best Samsung smartphones, there are, at the moment, also some representatives of the Galaxy S20 series, but only while stocks last. On the other hand, the excellent smartphones equipped with a stylus from the Galaxy Note 20 series, such as the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, maintain good positioning.

Samsung produces many types of phones, from the simplest models for people who make a basic use, passing through models suitable for attentive consumers (between 200 and 300 euros) up to mid-range models. such as A50, A41, and M31, and high, suitable for the most passionate or for those who want nothing less than the best from their smartphone.

With such a choice available, deciding on the right model can be a challenge, so we have made this guide, where we have clearly explained all the specifications, advantages, and disadvantages and a brief overview for each model so that you can quickly grasp the key points and facilitate comparison.

The best Samsung smartphones at a glance:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung tablet

Samsung is practically the only company that has never abandoned the tablet market, which today still represents its third source of income, after smartphones and TVs. Over the years, the line-up of Samsung tablets has been quite varied, but for some time now it has been settling on the main model every year, called the Galaxy Tab S, confirming the fact that we are still talking about a flagship tablet.

However, there are other types of Samsung tablets, including those of the Galaxy Tab A family. The names are similar to the corresponding series of smartphones, and the meaning is the same: Tab A covers the mid-range but, unlike smartphones, they are not necessarily renewed every year. In the past, we have also had the Galaxy Tab x (where x was an increasing number from time to time), Galaxy Tab E, and Galaxy Note (tablet version)

Finally, Samsung Galaxy View deserves a mention, an 18 "tablet, so particular that it is almost unique in its kind, and which was intended for an audience looking for a hybrid between a kind of portable TV and a multimedia device

Cell Phones and Samsung Phones

Samsung is not only a smartphone manufacturer but also of phones and cell phones in general, the so-called feature-phones. These are simple models, able to call, manage SMS and maybe even surf the internet, but in a much more limited way than a smartphone can do. Intended for an unpretentious clientele or perhaps of a certain age, or for those who want a "battle" phone, which is not as precious as modern smartphones, true guardians of our digital life and of many sensitive data. Therefore, following the arrival of new Samsung phones is difficult, also because the company itself has no particular interest in sponsoring them, but these are still easily found in electronics chains and are not necessarily long-standing models.


Samsung regularly holds a series of promotions, valid throughout the country, and related to the purchase of specific products, which can offer additional goods or services for free. From the washing machine that gives away a smartphone, to a subscription to Netflix or Sky, through to the extended warranty and more. We always report them promptly in our media, but you can also follow the official page linked in the title of the paragraph. Usually, every month there is at least one new production, which gradually covers all Samsung products, from household appliances to televisions, to accessories.


Finding a Samsung Service Center is pretty easy. Just call the toll-free number 800-7267864 and speak directly with an operator. Alternatively, you can use this internet page, to locate the nearest service point to you, and there is also this other useful page that will help you calculate an online estimate for repair costs, in case your device is not more covered by warranty.

Before contacting Samsung, we recommend that you have at hand the precise name of the model in your possession, the serial number of the product (generally shown on the label on the back or on the packaging itself), and the date of purchase. The proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.) may also have to be sent by fax or email to the company itself, especially in the case of repairs covered by warranty.

Samsung Members (formerly Samsung People)

The "family of Samsung customers" is called Samsung Members, formerly known as Samsung People. It is a "club" that buyers of a Samsung product can join, and which could bring them some advantages, even just being informed of the company's ongoing promotions. However, those who do not own any Samsung device can register, this could be useful to win particular discounts or access the promotions launched by the South Korean manufacturer. In general, Samsung Members promises dedicated assistance, with the possibility of booking it online in comfort, and precisely promotions and tailor-made content. Registration is free and will take you very little time.

The best Samsung smartphones of 2021

The best Samsung of 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the company’s latest flagship and one of the best Samsung smartphones ever.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review - 6 Months Later


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