Hala, are you ready for this test?

This food test will reveal what color your aura is

  1. You got:

    Your blue halo represents peace and sympathy! You are a natural leader who always has a flat head during a crisis. You often play the role of peacekeepers and you are ready to write, act and do arts. You are relatively introverted but you always make your thoughts and opinions heard, even in a noisy room. You usually have to put the needs of others before your own and always say yes to things. Remember that it's okay to be selfish once in a moment and focus on yourself!

  2. You got:

    Your violet aura embodies creativity and imagination! Your biggest strength is your intuition, so much so that sometimes you may feel that they are limits to psychological abilities. You see the best in everyone around you. Not only can you find a silver lining, but you can make it visible to others who may have a cloudy view. You have a tendency to get lost in your mind so make sure you communicate with things outside of yourself like nature and animals as often as possible.

  3. You got:

    Your green aura represents growth, balance, and nature! I have always been creative and have an eye eager for beauty and aesthetics. Your curiosity acts as a force, attracting you to certain people, projects, and professions. You prefer an organized, effective environment and the value of strong relationships, both romantic and platonic. Security and stability are important to you and you can sometimes struggle with change. The next time you face uncertainty, land yourself with activities and people who will comfort you.

  4. You got:

    Your red halo radiates high energy! You are a competitive idealist who has a fiery presence and your emotional behavior is evident in every aspect of your life. This passion may create friction in relationships but the same intensity helps bring people together. Sometimes you can be very harsh on yourself moving forward, whenever you feel overwhelmed with a task, remember to take a step back and evaluate the situation before diving headfirst!

  5. You got:

    Your yellow halo embodies energy and optimism! You solve problems that don't give up easily. You've always had keen observational skills and the ability to find patterns that others usually miss. Your stubbornness pushes you to overcome challenges but may also provoke conflict in your relationships. The next time you feel involved in a project and withdraw from others, make an effort to invite someone else to help you process this project.

  6. You got:

    Your orange halo radiates vitality and excitement! You've got an outgoing social nature about you but you sometimes have a hard time feeling completely comfortable about other people. Other creative people have a tendency to gravitate towards you. You are filled to the edge with enthusiasm and constantly coming up with new and exciting ideas. Do your best to keep focused and complete one project before moving on to the next!


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