Ahmed Masoud, the leader of the Afghan Resistance Front based in Panjshir province, said he would stop his activities and withdraw from politics if the Taliban established an inclusive government and guaranteed freedom and equality for citizens.

"If the Taliban intends to share power with everyone and they intend to establish justice and give equality and freedom to all in Afghanistan, then I will back down and withdraw from politics," Massoud told Foreign Policy.

The leader of the opposition forces, the Taliban, stated that an acceptable settlement with the Taliban can only be achieved if the movement forms an inclusive and decentralized government in Afghanistan, describing all other options as unacceptable to the representatives of the resistance. Otherwise, the confrontation with the Taliban will continue.

Masoud also indicated that he does not receive any financial support from abroad, and at the same time claimed that many countries in the region are on the side of the Taliban.

In this regard, he said, "The government of (the fugitive Afghan President Ashraf Ghani) has forced many countries in the region to stand by the Taliban, from their ethnic and national rhetoric to their policy in the water sphere, all of that aroused hostility from our neighbors," adding that the other reason for their rapprochement with The Taliban is the American presence and because they too can harm the United States and NATO by supporting the militants.


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